SS12 Novelty Trend

S/S’12 Style Bite // Comic relief: wearing novelty

This morning I woke up and pulled on my donut T-shirt. I dug about in my giant fish handbag to look for my pineapple sunglasses, popped on my pom-pom slippers and set off for the office. Imagine this scenario taking place all over the country to a sped up version of the Benny Hill theme tune and there you have the novelty trend in a nutshell.

SS12 Novelty Trend

Of course, if your office doesn’t accept this kind of attire, how incredibly unprogressive of them. From this moment on, we will only be taking anybody else seriously if they actively disregard all good taste and age appropriateness. Hot mess riot girls, cartoon-obsessed five-year-olds, Elton off his tits back in the day – there’s a plethora of influences that you can draw on for loony-toons dressing.

ashish SS12

It’s a Spring/Summer trend worth trying now just to inject a bit of fun into January. Girls will smile and boys might look confused. Plus, how can you fail not to have the time of your life doing menial tasks dressed as a rainbow?

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