Style Bite // SS14 couture trends: Why we’re wearing them now

New-school couture is a modern profit-making business. The global market for hyper-luxe nuggets of artisanal brilliance is now more youthful, fast moving and varied than ever. Forget selecting investment pieces for your in-house archive. That’s old news. Buyers who want to stand-up, sit-down or even walk in a straight line are demanding more wearable pieces.

SO how does this make the whole process more exciting for us?

Well, this new commercialism points to couture collections as a growing predictor of future trends. Plus, this unadulterated fantasia of luxury has now, more than ever, been shaped ‘bottom-up’ from street references and real-world pieces. Naturally, us TRAILBLAZING Le Blow girls are working those pieces already.

Bottom-up street trends that got a glossy dose of the (densely embellished) couture treatment include shorts, trainers, crop tops and err..kneepads at Chanel (below), miniskirts at Giambattista Valli and tattoos at Atelier Versace, Margiela and Viktor & Rolf.


New-school couture now equals looks we can casually wear out to dinner (should we ever inherit the wealth of an oil tycoon). The chances are you might even have an EVER SO SLIGHTLY *cough* more shabby version in your own wardrobes right now. And if you close your eyes (to the point of being absolutely blind) then you can quite simply dream that’s the case.


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    the style crusader

    Completely in love with the couture shows putting sneakers on the model’s feet. I really liked the embellished water shoes at Dior. Those were my favorite. xx

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      Natalie Wall

      The only thing is there’ll be NO convincing me to wear heels soon! x

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