five retro girls in sunglasses

The shady lady’s guide to sunglasses // Don’t give yourself a pin-head or a big round face this summer

As the sun comes out (sort of), we walk you through the most important decision of the season: this year’s sunglasses purchase.

It is IMPERATIVE to make the right choice here people; an overzealous novelty colour or accidental oversize-resulting-in-pin-head-scenario could ruin your entire  life  look, whereas WE KNOW that the correct sunglasses choice is forever iconic.

five retro girls in sunglasses

Sooooooo if you want to come off more Audrey Hepburn and less Timmy Mallet then follow the Le Blow guide to crazy sun protectors 2012…

The cat’s eye

Dita Von Teese cat eye shades

Make like a 50’s siren and smoulder in sexy cat’s eye shades. Think more Dita Von Teese and less Sue Pollard, if you will. Team with red lippy and cute head necks carf for ultimate ’50s glamour and a look that says HI BOYS *slides sunnies to end of nose, winks, wiggles off*

Topshop cat eye shadesCaramel stud wing cat’s eye sunglasses, £18, Topshop

The Revo

Move over coloured frames – pah! – the revo lens is the ONLY way to brighten up your face for SS12. For a girly take on the sports revo lens go for pastel pinks, blues or purples and if you’re shy like me (ahem) try on a classic shape – like an aviator to add a fashion flash to your spring look.

Asos revo shadesPastel Aviator sunglasses with Revo Lens, £12, ASOS

The penny round

Drew Barrymore 90s round sunglasses

Oh, I need NO excuse to unleash my inner ’90s grunge (I AM, I FEEL, I SOMETIMES THINK THAT YOU FORGET *pout*) but ’90s is back with a bang (or rather, a stamp of a DM) this summer and with it the classic penny round sunglasses.

Jennifer Aniston in FriendsLisa Kudrow in Friends

Ray-Ban’s version are just the right oval side of round to suit most faces, so grab that Heather Shimmer lippy and floppy velvet hat; don that floral tea dress, and grab those penny rounds.

ray-ban round sunglassesRay-Ban round metal sunglasses, £120, ASOS

The Oversized

Also known as ‘The Fly’ and the, ‘no I haven’t had time to put make up on and what of it?’ and the ‘get out of my face I’m too hungover to speak to you’ shades. Made iconic by Victoria Beckham, so accessorize with a pout.

Victoria Beckham in oversized sunglasses

Because some days, the less of your face on show = THE BETTER.

Prada Havana oversized shadesPrada Havana sunglasses, £180, ASOS

The Classic

Think: Wayfarer, Clubmaster or Aviator. Choose your weapon. Choose it well. It will last you a lifetime, and you WILL wear every season so ALWAYS go Ray-Ban for ultimate rock ‘n’ roll kudos.


My current style of choice is the Clubmaster: easy peasy, rawk glam. No fuss. Just classic. Like me. What?

Ray-Ban classic Clubmaster sunglassesRay-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, £120, ASOS

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    I just bought myself a pair of Victoria Beckham oversized sunglasses (she’s into everything!). Pricy, but I adore them.

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