What’s big in our box // Gorgon City – Real ft. Yasmin

Now, this is a cheeky lil choon.

If you like your house deep ‘n’ durrrrrty, in the Disclosure sorta stylee, you’re probably all over North London DJ/producer combo Gorgon City’s Real already. It’s certainly been given a good ol’ airing on the Radio 1 play list of late, that’s fo sho.

Featuring the sultry vocals of Persian-Scottish princess Yasmin, Real is all 90s house meets garage meets bass – lots of phat bass – meets ‘let’s all put on our Classics and have a little dance, shall we?’

The video is the live version recorded for RWD and we’d like Yasmin’s outfit please. Thanks.

The Real EP is out now. Download here if ya wanna.

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