What’s big in our box // We Are Twin – The Way We Touch

We’re admittedly a bit slow off the mark sharing this track. It’s been out and in our heads on loop since mid-August.

It’s the sort of bouncy up-tempo track that feels like it would feature in one of the dancing montages in 80s film Footloose or maybe at the end of Dawson’s Creek or something.

Germany-raised Sri Lankan producer Nicholas Balachandran and New York singer songwriter Gabi Christine have created a fresh new sound that’s all rock ‘n’ roll soul – at once familiar yet sounding super fresh – and I wanna be in their band. Perhaps I could audition myself as per the vid?

It kind of reminds me of the Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse collaboration days. Not just in sound but with the pairing of a musical match made in heaven *adds Gabi to ever growing girl crush list*

We Are Twin - The Way We TouchThe Way We Touch is from We Are Twin’s EP, available now on iTunes.

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