Would they wear it in Wigan? Mulberry A/W’11 at London Fashion Week

Mulberry’s Fantastic Mr Fox collection, A/W’11

Would they wear it in Wigan? Possibly. Would they wear it in Hampstead / Notting Hill / Primrose Hill / other plush North London locations where Yummy Mummies might inhabit? Rather!

The Mulberry A/W’11 collection was very British, very practical (thanks to the abundance of sensible outerwear on show) but also very, very covetable.

It’s usually ALL about the Mulberry bags for me (they could essentially save a lot of time and production effort by popping the beautiful new bags on a catwalk length conveyor belt and avoid all the hoo-ha of a show, in my opinion… I’m kidding, obviously) – but this offering was different.

And I’m not just referring to the to-die-for over-sized Alexas, Bayswaters and Tillies (bags, that is, yah? Not the names of the afore-mentioned Yummy Mummy’s darling daughters).

Not only were the garments gaw-juss but the show featured dogs. Canines in clothing. On the catwalk. In little Mulberry doggy coats. *actually faints* And other fashion forward four legged friends were even allowed on the ‘frow.

But I digress. (Soz. I always get distracted by a cute critter. That’s why I bought this panda tee without a second thought last week. That extra thought should have been: ‘but won’t the black eyes be strategically positioned over my tits?’ And the answer would have been, ‘yes’. Le sigh).

The Mulberry A/W’11 collection was inspired by hedgerows and traditional English pursuits – hunting, shooting, fishing – and post show, Creative Director Emma Hill described her muse:

“She’s very English. She’s got a dilapidated, stately home. She’s got her long party dress on and she throws on a duffel coat, popping outside for a cigarette.”

We at LB like this idea and in fact think Ms Hill may have been inspired by us. Well, swap the stately home for a council estate and the cigarette break for an opportune moment to drunk dial your entire phone book after one gin too many to tell them you love them all and you’re halfway there [oh, just me then?]

The sleb-studded front row (punctuated with pooches) including Gemma Arterton, Rebecca Hall, Rosamund Pike, Olivia Palermo and Kirsten Dunst was the first proper star-gazing opportunity at London Fashion Week so far. And ELLE Fashion Features Director, Rebecca Lowthorpe, provided us with the best show Tweet:

“Near dog fight on Mulberry catwalk. Mini Schnauser modelling dog coat took a bite out of a Pomeranian sitting frow.”

Our favourite pieces (if you held us at gunpoint and FORCED us to choose) were the toggled shearling duffel in a squidgy olive green leather that opened the show, the chiffon metallic maxi dresses with sharp knife pleats…

… the Penelope ‘To the Manor Born‘ Keith prim and proper dress with demure neckline – ooh and the shirt dress with an amazing avian print…

And is it us, or did this plum corduroy combo…

…remind you of anyone?

Catwalk images courtesy of  STYLE.COM/

– Natalie Wall

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