The £4 fashion update

Fishnet socks mightn't be practical but they're as fresh AF for right now. Pop on a pair to bring your look bang up-to-date.

As I get older, I tend to buy into fast-moving trends less and less. I know my basic ‘fashion formula’ (for me, this is a variation of skinny jeans, western boots and a rotation of band tee, blazer, bohemian blouse or biker jacket) and stick to it.

I’m also trying to buy less, but better. That is, fewer fast fashion items, instead investing in better quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

But occasionally a gal wants some shiny new things in her life (wardrobe), especially at this time of year when the festive glitz has been packed away and we yearn for the arrival of spring.

And a gal also wants to bring said wardrobe up-to-date, without having to lay down zillions of pounds.

May I therefore introduce to you the fishnet pop sock – the easiest way to make your look oh-so now, er, now.

Most of us own a pair of cropped or sawn-off jeans by now and popping a pair of fishnets (socks, or tights, with the waistband worn waaay up high) with some statement boots, boxfresh sneaks or Gucci-style loafer brings your look bang into 2k17.

The last time I invested into fishnets in a big way was during my Indie girl phase when I played drums in a band and Courtney Love was my idol. Rips were NOT optional. Ditto DMs, a pale pink slip dress and sleeping with your make-up on for ‘groupie girl’ eyeliner.


Check out the gallery up top for evidence and inspo, yo.

This time, it’s about adding an element of suprise to an otherwise pared back, almost preppy look. Blue jeans, polo neck, Converse and oh, hello cheeky flash of fishnet!

I’m swerving tights for socks because cba for all that faffing when I need a pee. Also don’t really fancy that dental floss-style wedgie (left those days behind with diamante thongs circa 2004 tbh).

Of course, the £4 pair I based this entire post around have sold out on ASOS but no doubt they’ll have more back in stock soon. Have dropped in some alternatives below, too:

Black is your best bet, but I’m also feeling bright red with, say, a pair of silver loafers or something.

So yeah.

Pop on a pair of fishnet socks to freshen up your entire look. Oh, and top tip: if you’re wearing with ankle boots, layer them over a pair of trainer liners so your feet don’t freeze off. Welcome.

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