Listen: Gorgon City – All Four Walls (ft. Vaults)

It’s been a while since I posted any new music reviews on here.

In all honesty, I’d sort of decided to ditch music and focus on personal updates and lifestyle, but ya know what? Music is a personal part of my lifestyle, and I want this blog to be an interesting mix and true reflection of the things I’m into – if more for my own enjoyment than anything else.

So yeah. I might start including some archive/older stuff as much like my dress sense, I have a bit of a split personality; my new music taste centres around old-skool sounding 90s house stuff, but you should also see my collection of 60s and 70s vinyl, you guys!

Anyway, I’m going off on a massive tangent as per – so let’s instead talk about my track of choice: All Four Walls from Gorgon City.

Similarly to my own hiatus (LOL), Gorgon City haven’t released any new music for two years ‘cos they’ve been busy touring, but now they’re back, complete with the addition of a super cool female vocalist with pastel pink hair called Blythe Pepino.

She actually fronts London band Vaults but not gonna lie; I haven’t heard of them before (although one of their tracks featured on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack) so will do some retrospective listening.

Tbh, there’s not much else to add, except if you like your beats phat and full, accompanied by intense, anthemic and feisty vocals, crescendo-ing into a chorus that’ll stay in your head for the rest of all time *sharp intake of breath* then you’ll like it. A LOT.

Incidentally, the video is pretty cool, too – following two teens sneaking out for a night on the town together, the cheeky bounders.

In fact, I really like the sentiment behind the video narrative, as explained by the director Daniel Brereton:

The song had a real spirit of wanting to break free for me, and so I tried to work in this emotional space for the video. The ‘Four Walls’ are represented by the restrictions placed upon a young person growing up… you get these one-off nights, where you are let loose and experience all these new things for the first time, those nights are the ones that stay with you.

That dreamy vibe of escaping mundanity and confinement is something I can totally get behind *throws hands up in the air like I don’t care* and I have a feeling I’ll be playing this track all summer long.

All Four Walls ft. Vaults is out now.

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