Cool canvas based collaborations // Though you may risk getting trench foot this summer

Last year I spent most of the summer almost getting trench foot by wearing Converse to festivals.

This year I probably haven’t learnt my lesson as I’m massively perving on these two collaborations involving other brands of canvas footwear aka ‘Nonverse’.

Superga x House of Holland

Henry Holland has injected some magic from his SS12 prints into this fun collaboration. Le Blow loves pastels and polka dots and we’ll fight anyone who calls built up flatform style shoes ‘special’ pronouncing it ‘thpethal’.

House of Holland Superga trainers lilacHouse of Holland Superga trainers stripeHouse of Holland Superga trainers blackAvailable nationwide from May 31st at

Kenzo x Vans

Kenzo’s SS12 vibrant fish net prints are all over Vans’ classic silhouette of the era. Look!

Kenzo x Vans collaboration

Available now at

Yay, bring on the summer! *starts making socks out of plastic bags*

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    Canvas shoes are the devil’s work and should be illegal. Smelly horrid toenail-poking-through ghastliness. Ugh.

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      Actual mega LOL at “horrid toenail-poking-through ghastliness”. Sounds like you + canvas kicks have had a helluva bad experience. You may need canvas counselling for that 😉

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    Platforms are back. I agree, looks good on day one then its downhill from there.

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      I WANT to wear flatform shoes. But I am a size 7. I will look like Franken-fucking-stein. Massive sad face 🙁

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