Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott S/S’12 // It’s only bloody Charlotte Free!

Regular readers of Le Blow will know we heart the following things (amongst many – obviously boys, booze and smurfs are missing from the below list for starters…):

So you can imagine we were wee-our-pants excited to see the spring/summer 2012 look book images from Jeremy Scott’s latest Adidas Originals collection featuring none other than Charlotte Free with ker-azy coloured hair wearing bonkers garms and retro hi-tops!!!




Our gaze also fell upon this rather-easy-on-the-eye guy in tight Stars ‘n’ Stripes shorts (desperately trying not to make any flag pole jokes here):

adidas-originals-by-jeremy-scott-2012-springsummer-collection-lookbook-man-in-tight-shortsAnd we weren’t looking at this model’s abs AT ALL. Nuh-uh. No way. Not one jot…


If, like us, you can’t get enough of the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals collab then check out the behind the scenes vid below (look out for close-up shots of cycling shorts man – WHAT?!)

Visit for full deets.

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    Um, I’m refusing to leave my house this year unless it’s in THAT tiger print onesie.

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