Natalie Wall crystals

Don’t be fooled by the rocks

A few years ago, I would have LOL’ed (maybe even ROFL’ed) if you insinuated that I’d even consider popping a crystal in my bra or burning herbs to cleanse my rocks (NOT a euphemism and NOT while they’re in my bra, btw).

Fast forward a few years and I’m rarely seen without a crystal (or five) about my person.

But crystal consciousness is on the rise, largely thanks to celebs getting in touch with their more spiritual side lately – and letting us all know about it.

You guys, did you know Victoria Beckham collects crystals to put in her home for positive energy? FYI her faves are pink quartz and black tourmaline crystals.

Meanwhile Katy Perry harnesses the power of gems for L.O.V.E. and essentially bagsied Orlando Bloom through the power of rose quartz (pretty much). And guess who gave her the number of her crystal healer? Only bloody Madonna. IKR.

But asides from looking super pretty and oh-so Instagrammable, what’s the real deal about crystals, you might be wondering?

It’s all about energy, frequency and vibration.

Natalie Wall crystals

Ceramic palmistry hand from TK Maxx, wooden triangle mountain shelf handmade by Copper Moon.
Smaller crystals part of a set from Luna Soul Signature.
Libra horoscope necklace from Tatty Devine.

I got into crystals through my yoga practise, after learning about the seven chakra ‘energy’ points on the human body. Each chakra has a colour associated with it and so by thinking of that colour during meditation or by wearing more of a certain shade, you can stimulate these chakra centres. In the same way, some crystals can resonate with the energy of the chakras and bring that point to balance.

The cells in the human body also vibrate at certain frequencies, as do the chakras. So when we come into contact with a crystal, it vibes with the cells in our body, which is why they’re good for your health and wellbeing.

I wanted to write this post because so many resources available out there assume you have some basic understanding or experience with crystals, or that you won’t snort with laughter at the idea of ‘feeling the magical energy’ of something – but what if this is your very first foray into modern mysticism?

Now, I’m by no means an expert (far from, in fact) BUT I wanted to share my knowledge so far with you – mostly derived from the many books I’ve picked up in charity shops, plus good ol’ personal experience – in a more accessible and easy-to-relate-to way.

Natalie Wall crystals

Two vintage books picked up for pence on my charity shop travels. Celestial rug from Waiste Vintage.

Natalie Wall crystals

Large crystals from market stalls, small oplaite from Etsy, patchouli scented candle from Diptyque.

Soooo… if you’re interested, the best ‘beginner’ crystal to buy is a nice clear quartz crystal – an excellent all-rounder (an energy cleanser and amplifier).

And nope, size doesn’t matter (stop it).

Just choose a stone that you like and get a feel for it. Seriously, pick it up (in the hand you don’t write with, for extra sensitivity) and see if you get any ‘vibes’ – your fingers might tingle, or you might be aware of the coolness of the crystal or feel it warming up in your hand. Choose whichever crystal resonates with you – and this might not necessarily be the ‘prettiest’ of the bunch.

Grounding stones are also good first-timer gems – usually in earthy shades like black, brown, rust – and will help centre you and keep you focused throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can buy little starter packs of small tumblestones, themed around things like your zodiac sign or chakras, so you can see a selection of crystals IRL and work out which ones you’re drawn to (or repelled by, for that matter).

Sometimes, crystals will also magically appear in your life. Yup, I thought that was a load of old shite too, until I accidentally took home Tiffany Wardle‘s purple amethyst cluster crystal after a psychic reading at a press event, and when I got in touch to let her know, she insisted I kept it because it meant I needed it more than her.

Weirdly, amethyst symbolises the third eye chakra, and is known for promoting spirituality and also *ahem* sobriety. It’s surely no coincidence, then, that soon after, I decided to start cleaning up my act (and my mind)…

Natalie Wall crystals

Moonstone ring and Raw Black Tourmaline & Hematite bracelet both handmade by Paula-Rose.

Natalie Wall crystals

Buddha statue from TK Maxx, ceramic plates from West Elm.

When you get your new crystal home, you’re ‘posed to cleanse it, which can be done at the most basic level under running water (not suitable for all stones though so check first), or in the sea, through to things like ‘smudging’ (where you burn sage and waft your crystal through the smoke). I’m lazy and sometimes burn an incense stick TBF < I hope the mystical hardcore massive don’t troll me for this!

I like to try and charge my crystals when there’s a Full Moon – you’re meant to cleanse them, lay them out on the earth and maybe set your intentions or perform a ritual… but I tend to just pop them on my windowsill and hope for the best.

Natalie Wall crystals

*Ugh, soz for out-of-focus pic. I’m still getting to grips with my camera.

As for incorporating the energy of your mystical rock into your daily routine, you can either carry smaller tumbled stones into your pocket (or *ahem* inside your bra as already mentioned), or wear crystal jewellery, like pendants, bracelets or rings.

You should consciously choose what you need for the day, and not just pile it all on #GUILTY, and have the crystal as close to your skin and/or the area needing attention, as possible.

Or, you can place them under your pillow at night, or even in your bath (actually in the water, or just placed around the edge of the bath tub). If you’re really getting into this shizzle, then you can meditate while holding them, or add some crystals to the front of your yoga mat during your practice – the possibilities are endless and you can take it as far as you’re comfortable with; that’s the great thing.

Natalie - Amber-Rose Photography 42

So yeah. That just about covers the basics.

Like I said, I’m not an expert, but I’ve defo had my crystal curiosity piqued and have been asked about them on more than one occasion so I thought I’d write this intro post to point people to!

Are you a crystal carrier? Let me know if you like this sort of thing and I’ll happily write more. Until then, I’m off to shake my chakras, maaaaan.

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