We’re dyeing to try Bleach London’s new range at Boots

Hands up who’s had a DIY hair dyeing disaster? Yep, us too. Almost all of us had an unfortunate encounter with Sun-In in the 90s.

With recent trends including dip dyeing and pretty pastels we dread to think what may have gone on in our bathrooms without Bleach. We don’t mean the disinfectant chemical (although, we’ve been there too) but the London hair salon where Jessie J, Florence Welsh and M.I.A are clients.


Bleach have decided to trust us at having a bash on our own and have launched some fool proof products starting at £5 at Boots. Products include a white toner kit, washing out liquid, non-permanent hair colour cream that fades in 2-10 washes in a number of shades including ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘The Big Pink’, ‘Sea Punk’, ‘Parma Violets’, ‘Tangerine Dream’, ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ and ‘I Saw Red’.bleach-vogue-4-10sep13-pr_b_426x639bleach-vogue-6-10sep13-pr_b_426x639

We’re DYEING to try them all. You?

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