Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the girl who rides (not like THAT)

Christmas gift ideas for women who want to ride their bicycle; they want to ride their b-i-k-e… Alex Monroe bicycle necklace Bike jewellery usually falls into two categories; cutesy, vintage penny farthing pieces or jewellery actually made out of recycled bits of bike. The latter especially offends me. Jewellery designer Alex Monroe is a keen […]

Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the girl who has everything already

Christmas gift ideas for the girl who has everything. Frivolity and fluff. That’s the basic essentials, then. Fake fur coat Something to throw on for an after dinner stroll. £277.55, Rudolph clutch I know you’ll got a clutch. But does it (sort of) have bells on? £325, Feather clip earrings Steer clear of […]

Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the I-want-what-she’s-got-on-Instagram girl

Christmas gift ideas for women who covet the celebrity lifestyle… or maybe just their style. Usually suffering from a serious case of Fashion FOMO, no thanks to Insta-stalking the best-dressed A-Listers around… Larsson & Jennings Lader watch Search ‘Larsson & Jennings’ on Instagram and you’ll be desperate for a sleek and sophisticated time piece. I […]

Christmas gift guide // What to get for the girl who’s not yet a woman (I feel you Britney)

Christmas gift guide I’ve never really adhered to the maxim that ‘to give is better than receive’ but maybe that’s because I’m a selfish prick. Being an altruistic giver might unleash a emotional boner in SOME people but nothing really beats tearing through overpriced gift-wrap to reveal the £££ present you’ve been salivating over for […]