Clare Danes 90s lips

How to do the 90s lip // Le Blow pays lip service to the dark side…

Note: Always try to do this in a mirror unless you want to look like a Girl’s World doll after a sleepover. Try to keep the rest of the face fresh so the trend reference is modern and youthful. If you can listen to Mariah Carey’s Butterfly album whilst recreating the look, it would help immeasurably.

dark 90s lips

Gwen Stefani 90s lips

Firstly buff up. Just 17 mag would have recommended an old toothbrush. You can use a damp flannel, or actually buy magic sand in a tube that will do this for you. Try The Body Shop’s Lipscuff (£8).

Secondly coat lips with a bit of The Body Shop Morello Cherry lip balm. For an authentic experience, double up with The Body Shop Dewberry perfume or surreptitiously inhale the scent of a school corridor as you apply.

OPTIONAL STEP – outline lips with the darkest lip liner you can find. A stubby eyeliner pencil will do the trick if you’re in a rush and happy to look insane. Remember the GOLDEN RULE of 90s lips, kids: Glance in a reflective surface on application.

Thirdly, choose your shade based on nostalgia. Think Claire Danes, Janet Jackson or Six from Blossom. Pics from ancient school discos will jog your memory.

Clare Danes 90s lips

Janet Jackson 90s makeup

Six from Blossom

Try Superdrug for cheapy lippies or for reviews and links to stockists. Le Blow dash picks include:

If you fancy flashing the cash, try Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick range in Rouge Noir or Envoutante. It’s probably less likely that this will fall into the dry creases of your lips within 30 seconds and make you look like you’ve just been eating jelly badly.

Finally. You’re ready to face the world! Prepare for your clueless boyfriend to hate it but kudos for looking like the ultimate Friends fan (who loves jelly).

Nod to the 90s with a centre parting and wear something modern (just say no to Kangol hats) for maximum fashion impact.

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    Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    I was more of a Rimmel ‘Fudge Brownie’ girl myself.

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