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Around eighteen months ago I made the decision to leave my hair the hell alone: no cuts, no colour – nada, nothing, zilch. (I also only wash my hair once a week tbh, but that’s a whole other blog post…)

Anyhoo, along with my switch to leading a more simplistic lifestyle, I also wanted to give my barnet a break. Years of hair modelling in my early twenties and having every style – and shade! – under the sun (legit went from brown to blonde to bright orange IN ONE DAY, IKR), and constantly going through the fringe/no fringe cycle of DOOM.

Besides, the long hair and centre-parting sort of suits my seventies style, right?

Turns out even hippies need a haircut occasionally. Trouble was, like the Littlest Hobo, I now had nowhere to go.

Scarred by visits to cheapo hairdressers who can only do one style, regardless of your request (and that’s ‘The Rachel’ circa 1994 – not a strong look in 2016) or having to trek into London for a cut that also takes a large chunk off your bank balance, I was stuck in a sort of hairdo limbo.

That is, until I was heading homeward one day and walked past a shiny new salon that had recently opened in my neighbourhood: Oh HIYAS, Pink & Rose, you cutie, you.

pink and rose salon

Pink & Rose is a light, bright and airy salon looking like it just stepped straight outta your Instagram feed: all dark wooden floors, fresh white walls and gallery walls aplenty.

I was introduced to my lovely hairstylist Hannah and she spent a solid amount of time talking to me to understand my style, hair history and exactly what I wanted from my haircut.

The great thing is – and honestly, I used to heavily eye-roll at people that requested this during my more ‘experimental’ years – that Hannah actually listened to (and completely understood) my request at just having a trim (see? *eye roll*).

I loved the way Hannah zero-ed in on my bohemian vibes straight away – and didn’t try and talk me into having something else. We also discussed potential future hair plans, as I’m still toying with the idea of (indecisive Libra? Me?!) some colour and/or a fringe (AGAIN).

Chat over, I was whisked upstairs – past a pretty plant corner – to have my hair washed and conditioning treatment applied.

I liked the fact the wash basin station was upstairs and out of view – the drowned rat/towel turban look isn’t a strong look on anyone TBF and I was pleased to be tucked away.

If you’re REALLY serious about privacy (ideal for mums espesh), the salon also has the Space Privé area on the ground floor, which you can book at no extra charge:


Upstairs, the dreamy Colour Bar provided yet more #Instagood, as well as the cute lil’ area decked out with mags and palm print cushions to have hangs while your hair sets.

P&R colour bar

Sink-side, you get a lovely little view of Pinner while being lathered up – oh, and the fully reclinable chairs are really comfortable, too.

P&R green

So I had the Deep Conditioning Steam Ritual using L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil products – which I liked the idea of because it sounded well dreamy and mystical (and you know I like my crystals…).

First up, my hair was cleansed with Mythic Oil Shampoo and then the the Mythic Oil Masque was applied. The treatment is paraben-free (wooo!) balancing out your natural oil levels by nourishing your dry ol’ ends. The argan, avocado, cottonseed, and grapeseed blend (sounds like a delicious salad, no?) makes your hurrrrr shiny AF.

With the masque slathered on, I was popped under a steam-machine while those bad-boy nutrients worked their magic on my mane.

Twenty minutes and a quick Instagram upload later, I was ‘cooked’ (lol at my dad joke), masque rinsed off and it was back downstairs with Hannah to let the cutting commence!

Conversation during the drying process included: hot yoga, crystals and Glastonbury (the place, as well as the festival), which certainly beats the usual ‘going anywhere nice on holiday?’ hairdressing bantz. I felt like Hannah was my new BFF after.

You can see the fabulous finished result below (but watch out; YOU MIGHT BE BLINDED BY THE SHINE YOU GUYS):

Thanks to the magical Mythic Oil (Hannah also gave me a quick cheeky spritz of the sweet stuff at the end), my hair was omg unbelievably glossy.

Our furry friend Charlie, who was clearly over-seeing proceedings, looks pretty impressed too!

Weirdly, despite having had my hair cut, it still looked mega long – and in the best condition EVA. I couldn’t stop swooshing it like some sort of show pony.

I also got a patch test done during my visit and I can’t wait to book in for a colour soon (although I’m kinda still enjoying my natural hair colour RN, especially with this next-level shine).

So hurrah for finding an amazing, AFFORDABLE new hair salon right on my doorstep. I think this is the start of a beautiful new relationship, you guys!

Deep Conditioning Steam Ritual | £19
Cut & finish (long hair) – Stylist | £38.50
Pink & Rose Hair Salon | 45 Bridge Street, Pinner, HA5 3HR

*** This isn’t a sponsored post and I paid in full for the cut and finish, however the deep conditioning treatment was complimentary. Views very much mine, all mine, as always. ***

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