Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the beauty addict in your life

For those who know me, It’s a truth universally agknowledged that I’m obsessed with anything beauty related or that will promise to make me look like a Victoria’s Secret model. So for anyone who might want to gift me with keeping me young, beautiful and tanned this Christmas, here are a few ideas.

Or, if you don’t know me from Adam or do, but wont’ be getting me anything (sod you then), here are a few ideas for the beauty-fiend in your life that will go down a storm…

The classic red lipstick

classic red lipstick M&SA must for any girl’s make-up bag and this Cheeky Cherry lipstick from British make-up brand, LOLA is the ideal stocking filler. Plus it really does stay put so it’s perfect for *ahem* mistletoe season.

LOLA Matt Long Lasting Lipstick, £12,

The bedroom blush

NARS orgasm blushIt’s a cult classic with a naughty name – what’s not to love? Gift a post-coital glow with Nars’ ‘Orgasm’ blush:

Orgasm Blush, £21.50,

The cult cleanser

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

One of the only cleansers that doesn’t leave my skin as dry as the drinks cabinet post Christmas. This plant-based cleanser wash works on every age and skin type, gently cleansing skin, but owning the power to remove water-proof eye make-up too. For the girl who’s a bit lazy when it comes to taking her make-up off. That would be me, then.

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser starter kit, £14.75,

The 90s nails

sweet valley nails

If I got these Sweet Valley High nail decals (WTF are decals?!) then I would be so very, very happy. I’m not sure I’d actually wear them, but I’d probably just look at them a lot and take a trip down Nostalgia Lane, wishing that I was blonde, American and an identi-twin. Oh, the weird thoughts and wants of a 12-year-old.

Sweet Valley High Nail Decals, £4.41,

The stand-out scent

tom ford violet blonde perfumeTo me, this is so much more that just a nice smell. And I keep mis-reading it to be called ‘Violent Blonde’ which makes me think of Alabama in True Romance. And that’s always a good thing. Anyway, back to this gorgeous scent from Mr Ford…

The violet undertones and top notes or Italian Madarin give Violet Blonde a soft but truly distinctive scent that will most certainly stand out amongst all the One Direction ‘Our Moment’ wearers. And that’s a gift in itself.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau De Parfum 30ml, £50,

The must-have makeup bag

embroidered lipstick makeup bagA decent make-up bag is hard to come by. Either they’re too small, not much bang for your buck, or just the wrong side of ‘old bid’ territory.

Voila – problem solved! Lots of room and owning a design which I would be proud to get out in public (i.e; en route to work) this embroidered lipstick pouch is cute, roomy and perfectly priced (in black, please).

Embroidered Lipstick Pouch Noir, £28,

The wonder product

james read overnight mask tan

Apply before slumber, get all the benifits of an overnight face mask AND a subtle tan come sunlight? James Read, you’re a genius.

James Read Sleep Mask Tan 50ml, £25,

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