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Blow Out (and about) // The Chris Bracey exhibition at Scream London – it’s a bit of all bright

What: Chris Bracey exhibition – I’ve Looked Up To Heaven And Been Down To Hell
When: 12th April to 1st June 2013
Where: Scream Gallery, 27-28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH
Getting there: Nearest Tube – Oxford Circus
£££: FREE

Chris Bracey Shine A Light In The Darkness of Your Soul

You know it’s going to be a rock ‘n’ roll art affair when the exhibition is held in a gallery owned by Ronnie Wood’s son (Jamie).

Yup, Scream London plays host to acclaimed London-based light artist Chris Bracey’s first UK solo exhibition, snappily called I’ve Looked Up To Heaven And Been Down To Hell.

With a fairly impressive client list, Bracey has had commissions from Stella McCartney, Martin Creed and Vivienne Westwood. Y’know. No biggie.

He’s also created installations for filmsyou might have heard of – Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Batman films. Sure.

But this exhibition brings together a selection of new works specifically dealing with themes of heaven and hell – a metaphor for Bracey’s diverse biographical journey, including a set of suspended Angel wings (that have got Instagramming opps ALL over them):

Chris Bracey exhibition

Many of Bracey’s works are self-produced neons, referencing popular culture – Shine A Light in the Darkness of Your Soul is a line penned by Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is from a song by The Smiths. KEWL!

Chris Bracey Find Love Upstairs

Chris Bracey Lady Luck

Chris Bracey Rock and Roll

Chris Bracey Light Never Goes Out

These themes bring together the highlights (LOLZ) of Bracey’s art and divide the gallery into  heaven (with free-standing Angel and Jesus sculptures, the suspended wings and star constellations) Vs hell (with his trademark Soho sex, tattoo and rock ‘n’ roll iconography).

You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see the first installation: a dagger smashing through the gallery window into a neon heart. Yup, this exhibition looks a bit of all bright to us…

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