Blow out (and about) // There ain’t no party like a OnePiece party (Hey, ho! Everybody get down etc)

I’ve got a touch of Man Flu (what?) and as I lay here on my death bed, the glare of my iPad burning into my poorly retinas (First World problems, much?), the one thing I’m craving – apart from chicken soup, Ryan Gosling’s bedside manner and… MY MUMMY) – is a cosy OnePiece.

Yup, you heard right. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be wearing right now than a snuggly, fleecey oversized romper suit. It’d be like walking round zipped up in my duvet all day. This has nothing to do with seeing One Direction in OnePieces, oh no sir…

One Piece Direction

Legend has it (when I say legend, I of course mean ‘Google’) that the original OnePiece idea came about in 2007 when three hung-over Norwegians had the lightbulb moment of sewing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of trackie pants together, connecting the two with a giant zipper. As you do.

The Scandinavians ruddy loved it, and with the help of Social Meed-yah, OnePiece has gained quite the cult following in a short space of time, from slebs to bloggers alike!

Excitingly (yes, I am genuinely excited; I’m ILL, you judgemental bastards), OnePiece has landed in London, and their new store opened in Shoreditch today. I can’t quite work out the concept yet (my mind is muddled by too much Lemsip), but it’s set to be quite the shopping experience, consisting of 60 customised containers. Sounds a bit like rush hour at Dover customs, if you ask me.

If you get yourself down to the Box Park store and say:

I’m spontaneous, not too serious, not too cool. Confident with no worries, so I would like to jump in and join you!

They’ll only give you a £20 gift card (or if you’re boring and want to try your luck online, type code 85237 at checkout and you’ll get free shipping).

onepiece party

Anyway, the bit I got really excited about was the news of the launch party at Funky Buddha on Friday 9th December, 10pm – 3am.

Why? There’s FREE entry to all guests wearing a OnePiece before 11pm. I LOVE IT! A bona fide excuse to go out clubbing in your onesie. No getting cold in the queue outside nor on the night bus on the way home. Bliss. Although, going to the toilet might be a tad irksome; the queue for the Ladies is bound to be HUGE.

Get on the G-list by heading over to the One Piece Facebook page and clicking ‘attending’ before 9pm on the day. If you still need convincing, this is how cool you’ll look *start dream sequence*

For more info visit

Funky Buddha 15 Berkeley Street, London // Entrance: £20 without a OnePiece or after 11pm
Dress Code: OnePiece, natch // Music: RnB and funkybuddha mix

*NOTE: I’ve not been paid to do this post or any of that crap. Though if OnePiece wanted to send me a free Stars ‘n’ Stripes suit I would most definitely not say no. Just so that’s all clear.*

‘I’m spontaneous, not too serious, not too cool. Confident with no worries, so I would like to jump in and join you!’ – and they’ll give you a £20 gift-card – If you want to get it online, type code 85237 upon checkout on and you’ll get free shipping.
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    Totally just contemplated if I could get away with buying a kids one, being a midget and all. Does that make me wanting one even more tragic?

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      Er, no! I’d say it makes you a very clever person indeed. The kids prints are bound to be more ‘fun’ too. Although, looking at the website, you’d need to be the actual size of an Oompa Loompa to fit in one?!

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