Weeping women drinking

Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon // Go dry this January, if not for yourself but for charidee…

Are your liver and wallet still recovering from New Year’s Eve celebrations? Of course they are.

January is a painful month spent cringingly reviewing sent text messages that start innocently at midnight with the send to all ‘Happy 2013’ and gradually get drunker and more regretful.

Weeping women drinking

The eleventy million pounds thrown on an outfit, entry tickets, food, booze and a quadruple priced taxi home mean you are now eating cereal for dinner and stressing about rent day.

If your hangover is still lingering and the thought of having a drink is making your stomach churn why not convince everyone you are doing it on purpose.

Cancer Research UK are inviting you to go booze free this January by taking part in their Dryathalon. Donate the cost of a few drinks and/or get sponsored.  Register by midnight on 6th January to take part.

Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon

5 things you can do sober:

    1. Drive.
    2. Operate heavy machinery.
    3. Give blood.
    4. Complete a course of antibiotics.
    5. Be pregnant.

Who knows, you may love the hangover free mind clarity and lack of bruises so much that you continue this year sober.


Cancer Research UK Dryathlon rules

If you’re unsure, Dryathletes have until midnight on Friday to join. For more information, visit dryathlon.org.uk.

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    Just Say NO

    I’m basically never drinking EVER AGAIN. Will deffo make a donation to charity with the monies I would of otherwised pissed up the wall. x

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