Holst + Lee jewellery

Eye candy for the arms and neck // Holst + Lee jewellery, oh my!

For once, I’m not going to waffle on. I know right? I must be terribly, terribly ill or something.

I’m blaming Holst + Lee, a Brooklyn based fashion collaboration between designers Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee. Do you see what they did there?!

Holst + Lee jewelleryIn uber trendy style, the pair met and flourished while working in the hub of New York’s nightlife. Upon meeting, they soon discovered they shared a creative passion, through which a strong friendship and unique artistic outlet was formed.

Where as I meet people down the pub, bond over a shared love of consuming one Jägerbomb too many and end up spewing all over them *sigh* That’s where I’m going wrong.

Anyway. Forget about me and my technicolour yawns – have a look at these beautiful bobbins of multicolored eye candy instead, yeah?

Holst + Lee SS12 Lookbook

Holst + Lee SS12 necklaces
Holst + Lee SS12 Lookbook

Holst + Lee SS12You can buy Holst + Lee from the epic Oxygen Boutique. But if you’re after more fashspiration, check out their vid:

I, of course, want every piece and would attempt to wear it all like a Kayan Lahwi woman gone wrong. In the meantime, I’ll have to snap up this fluro bracelet by Orelia to satisfy my statement jewellery craving on the cheap:

Orelia fluro braceletEbony bracelet, £15, Orelia Boutique

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