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Things that made us do an actual WTF? // Piss patches, big butts and condoms for Father’s Day…

We like a bit of toilet humour here at Le Blow more than most, but this bunch o’filth made us stop in our high-heeled tracks and burp out an actual WTF? this week…

Mind the wet patch

Department store Harvey Nichols reckons we’ll be so excited about their summer sale, that we will in fact soil ourselves.

The high street giant’s latest ad campaign depicts a woman with a piss patch around her groin, as if to imply that its sale prices are so good, we’ll lose control of our bladders.

Harvey Nichols campaign

With the strap line ‘try to contain your excitement’, the campaign is apparently a play on Julia Roberts’ infamous line from the opera scene in Pretty Woman:


Julie (Bowe, Harvey Nichols’ Group Press and Marketing Director, not Roberts, duh) comments:

In humorous reaction to the (often-irrational) excitement sale time engenders, we have developed this campaign to capture this near-fanatical spirit, because let’s face it, the thought of picking up brands at up to 70% off is enough to excite and overwhelm even the most composed shopper in us all.


That may well be, but no one needs to see a urine drenched crotch in your Metro at 8am on a Monday morning.

Harvey Nicks’ marketing team are clearly on crack – last Christmas, I gave you my heart. Er, I mean, they ran a ‘Walk of Shame‘ campaign, depicting slutty women making their way home the morning after a heavy night out on the tiles.

But, if the purpose of adverts is to get people talking about the brand, then surely they’ve achieved that?

Do you like big butts?

This woman sure does.

Vanity Wonder big butt

Meet Vanity Wonder AKA ‘Butt Lady’ – an ex exotic dancer with a teeny 23in waist who has arse-amping injections to pump up her junk to 45in.

The mum-of-two and owner-of-a-HUGE-arse got so caught up in the  craze for ‘booty­licious’ curves like Beyonce , she spent £10,000 on the illegal silicone jabs and her bottom ­ballooned. At one point she even caught a potentially fatal ­infection and she was in such pain that she couldn’t sit down.

Vanity has now written a book, Shot Girls, about her ­experiences. She’s put them all behind her and got herself a bum deal. Arf!

And finally…

Boots Father's Day promo

This Father’s Day, say it with condoms. Nice one, Boots!

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