Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Fashspiration of the week // Kurt and Courtney – a glam take on dishevelled 90s grunge

Whatever the haters say about Courtney Love, she can sure shift a few dresses. Her new clothing range of customised vintage pieces, Never the Bride, repackages the shredded glamour of Hole’s sartorial heyday for whole new generation of riot grrrls.

Courtney Love Never The Bride

Designing aside, Love is a hugely inspirational muse. Last season, Meadham Kirchoff were her biggest fans, creating a collection heavily indebted to her barmy brand of 90s girly subversion (special mention for Kat Bjelland who was also worked a similar look in her 90s band, Babes in Toyland).

Meadham Kirchoff Courtney Love

Love’s trademark dishevelled elegance (AKA being a terrifying/sometime hot mess) has been a mainstay throughout her career. Often down but rarely out; decades of wild screeching, erratic behaviour and lipstick smudged up to her nostrils (that’s a LOOK don’t you know?) have only strengthened Love’s iconic appeal.

Courtney Love hot mess

We all know though, that fashion is a fickle beast. Next season expect the spotlight to fall on Courtney’s once better half, Kurt.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Of course, this derivative grunge shiz is hardly original territory. The Dries Van Noten SS13 collection could be a total regurgitated 90s Marc Jacobs cliche if only it wasn’t so beautifully executed.

Dries Van Noten SS13 Kurt Cobain

Think old school grunge meets genuine elegance with mismatched plaids, relaxed tailoring and florals in luxe organza, satin and silk, styled back quite literally with Cobain-tribute bleached hair and white framed sunnies.

Layering grunge motifs feels modern mixed with grown-up metallics, elegant heels and sheer finishes. Find your fashion nirvana without a smudged lip in sight.

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    Courtney Fan

    I wish I’d made more of living in the whole Courtney/Kurt era. Before it all went bad. You don’t realise at the time do you? I had a pair of sunnies just like Kurt’s in the picture above but bloody threw them out. Am feeling inspired by this though and will wear a checked shirt tomorrow! x

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