Fashspiration of the Week

Fashspiration of the week // Oscar the Grouch and Fendi fluff

Cast your mind back to AW11, Gucci’s 90th anniversary show gave coloured fur a grown-up luxe 70’s vibe. Fast forward to 2013 and statement texture is back on the radar. And although the…


Fashspiration of the week // J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons

Fellow shopaholics – HOW exciting is November? Meadham Kirchhoff’s new collection for Topshop is due at the end of the month and Isabel Marant for H&M launches (count the days!) on the 14th….


(Unexpected) Fashspiration of the Week // Cilla Black had a LORRA LORRA style

We have no idea what’s come over us, but Cilla Black’s been bloody everywhere recently (she must have a book out), and we’ve suddenly realised how effin’ epic her Blind Date wardrobe was….


Fashspiration of the week // Prada SS14 vs. Britney

Prada really was the FASH-BOMB of Milan Fashion Week summer 2014. How to experience it in real-time? Fill your mind with colour, texture, sequins, giant faces and glitter. Do few laps round mural-filled…


Fashspiration of the Week // The Hitchcock Heroine

By all accounts, this summer has been a dizzying fashion roller coaster. From 20’s flapper dresses to 60’s mono mini’s and a *WHATEVER everyone’s doing it anyway* rehash of 90’s grunge, there was…

Frances Ha film fashion dresses over jeans - leblow.co.uk

Fashspiration of the week // Frances Ha’s off-duty dancer fashion

Frances Ha film spoiler alert: It’s a film about friendship, acceptance and growing-up. Amiable girl who can’t afford her rent bumbles between aspirational ballet classes, Brooklyn house parties and boys that are hopelessly…

Kate Bosworth Blue Crush

Fashspiration of the week // Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

Bit of an ironic one this. Kate Bosworth spends most of Blue Crush in a bikini. Does that qualify as an outfit-build? You decide. The point is she is our cute then-symbol for…

Cruella De Vil Glenn Close

Fashspiration of the week // KMiddy Vs Cruella de Vil

The dalmation spot is having an unexpected moment after being worn by Kate Middleton on her final public engagement before the royal birth. The Duchess was spotted (heh) in a £169 dalmatian print…

Malibu Barbie fashion

Fashspiration of the week // Iggy Azelea meets Malibu Barbie #TrashFash

This week, fashspiration fans, we’re going to take the sun-soaked Aussie rapper-gone-bad, Iggy Azelea and mix her with everyone’s favourite wholesome anti-feminist icon, Malibu Barbie, to get our trash-fash look. Iggy has tracks…

Cara Delevingne lion tattoo on finger

Fashspiration of the week // Jungle is massive

Lions, tigers, top tunes and big hair. After exploring all the current evidence ladies, it looks like we have a micro trend on our hands. Welcome to the Jungle. The anthem? For those…

Jodie Foster sunglasses as Iris in Taxi Driver

Fashspiration of the week // Sunglasses special: 5 iconic shade styles

Spring has finally sprung! And whilst the tights Vs no tights debate still divides the office, cute shades offer an accessible way to acknowledge it’s no longer bloody freezing. But which to wear?…

Nancy and Sid Vicious

Shopping Edit // Modern Punk: 6 pieces for the well-dressed anarchist

DISCLAIMER: PUNK. I mean, is there really anything else to say about the grass roots 70’s explosion, it’s reggae influence, London Vs NY, new wave and everything else that prompted, followed and surrounded…

Veruschka 1967 wild animals shoot

Fashspiration of the week // Le Blow loves the Blow Up girl: 60′s model Veruschka

Take the futurism trend, mix it with some otherworldly beauty, a whole lot of cult value and some solid 60′s Bohemia. Our Fashspiration this week is no other than legendary German born model and…

Kate Moss on motorbike for Matchless

Fashspiration of the week // Mossy on a motorcycle

A model posing suggestively on a motorbike means one of only two things. Either you’ve stumbled upon a Men and Motors cover spread OR you are experiencing a rock ‘n’ roll fashion MOMENT….


On a fashion mission // 90s style beanie hats Brian Harvey would be proud of

During this cold snap, there can be only one style icon, and that is… …Brian Harvey. It was only a matter of time. PUT DOWN THE SHARPIE AND STOP DRAWING A CARTOON DOG…

Pamela Love fashion film Crystal Renn - www.leblow.co.uk

Fashspiration of the week // Crystal Renn is a fashion forest fairy; we’re nymphomaniacs.

Start burning the incense and stacking some heavy silver now. Our fave jewellery designer, Pamela Love has made her first fashion film starring Crystal Renn as an over-accessorised woodland nymph. The video, to…


Fashspiration of the week // Corey from Empire Records (*sob* buh-bye, HMV!)

RIP HMV and Blockbuster. The Jesus and Mary Chain T-shirts and Millionaire’s Shortbread ice cream, will never have such a solid foothold on the high street again. Big commercial businesses they may have…

Celine Pre-Fall Collection 2013 - www.leblow.co.uk

Fashpiration of the week // Céline Pre-Fall collection 2013: the FASH-BOMB

Beautifully tailored, quietly maximalist and modest to a fault; Phoebe Philo preludes her Autumn Winter 2013 agenda for Céline with what can only be described as a sartorial FASH-BOMB. A new puritan inspired…

Grace Coddington

Fashpiration of the week // Grace Coddington: always in Vogue. Literally.

As Creative Director at US Vogue since the late 80s, Grace reminds us again of her creative genius, career tenacity and serious hair with the release of her memoirs. Why is she the…

Sandy from Grease head shot

Fashspiration of the week // Sandy from Grease – tell me about it, stud.

All the talk of Hurricane Sandy recently has got us thinking about another bad Sandy – as played by Olivia Newton-John in the LEGENDARY 1978 film, Grease. We don’t need to tell you…

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Fashspiration of the week // Kurt and Courtney – a glam take on dishevelled 90s grunge

Whatever the haters say about Courtney Love, she can sure shift a few dresses. Her new clothing range of customised vintage pieces, Never the Bride, repackages the shredded glamour of Hole’s sartorial heyday for…

Mystic Meg

Fashspiration of the week // Mystic Meg: Intergalactic! Planetary! Planetary! Intergalactic!

Now I’m sure you’re already more than familiar with the fact we have a *slight* obsession with the 90s here at Le Blow (link to past 876980 posts on 90s style), however we…

Memoirs of a Geisha

Fashspiration of the week // Memoirs of a Geisha: Turning Japanese? We really think so…

Loosely defined as the influence of Japanese art on the West and more specifically in France, where Japanese wood-block prints inspired European impressionist painters (bear with me) Japonisme is a MAJOR reference buzz…

Le Blow Fashpiration of the Week: Natalie Portman in Leon

Fashspiration of the week // Natalie Portman in Léon AKA a twelve-year-old girl in the 90s

Obviously at Le Blow, we’re soooo fashion forward, we’re currently all over Spring Summer 2013. Buying this season’s winter coat? Yawn, we did that in August already. The one exception to this rule…

Daria Morgendorffer

Fashspiration of the week // The best dressed cartoons. That’s all, folks!

Iconic, ageless with a signature style that’s much imitated but never bettered. Who am I talking about? Minnie Mouse, of course. This forthcoming London Fashion Week, designers including Michael van der Ham, Richard…

Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham

Fashspiration of the week // Miss Havisham: our favourite miserable, chalky faced style icon

With wedding season in full swing, the best jilted bride ever is to be be exhumed (again) for another bitterness-fuelled pop at everlasting love. That’s right Dickens fans – the new trailer for…

Juliette Lewis as Mallory in Natural Born Killers

Fashspiration of the week // Juliette Lewis as Mallory in Natural Born Killers

Here at Le Blow we love a dysfunctional 90’s icon so who better for this week’s style inspiration than Juliette Lewis? Granted, Patricia Arquette (Alabama in True Romance) took the kitsch sweetheart-on-the-run crown…

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