Five more things that made us go… WTF? // We want a pet Snooki!

*Ahem* We hope our recent scathing attacks on Chezza’s sartorial sacrilege had nowt to do with her ceremonial sacking from X Factor US. And we’re rooting for you pet, we really are. In fact, in a total display of Team Cheryl ‘tood, we’re not going to mention her in this week’s WTF, nuh-uh. No way. Instead, here’s a selection of other goings-on that’ve mostly made us go WTF? this week…

Snooki’s bad. REALLY bad. She says so herself.


There are really no words to describe Snooki’s ensemble when strolling through the streets of Florence last week except:

What the actual fuck?
Jesus Christ, my eyes! My eyes!
Make it stop! For the love of God, make it stooooooppppppp!

We suppose we’re to assume that the irony of the slogan emblazoned across her humungous lime chest is totally lost on her? Yup, thought so. Righty-ho.

Ri-Ri makes a boo-boo

Oh Ri-Ri. As someone what suffered at the hands of a bullying, wife-beating bastard this video is a bit… shit, really, isn’t it? *yawn* and *files in same cabinet as Beyonce’s from last week*

Stars getting shouty on Twitter



LOLZ! We love seeing slebs mouth off on Twitter, it’s always excellent fun. Remember the good ol’ days when tabloids would confront famous people from the safety of their inky, paper-based barricades? Oh, to imagine a time when you could actually speak directly to the stars and give ’em a piece of your mind!

So, Coleen got cross ‘cos someone commented that she looked orange in a photo (they had a point, to be fair) and Lily got called a ‘public school tool’ by Sun columnist Julie Burchill. Snigger! But note to self: fer Chrissakes, don’t cross these two in cyber-space. For they will ribbon you up. Yeah?

Jean Martyn’s pink pipe playing


This is just bloody brilliant. And terribly British: Jean Martyn – a sequin-clad cross between Little Britain’s Marjorie Dawes and Peter Kay’s Geraldine McQueen with the piano playing skills of Les Dawson – beat stiff competition from an impressive(ish) magic act, a knackered old pub singer and some, er, ‘hand-dancers’ (ha! So that’s what the kids call it these days!). Okay, so maybe the competition wasn’t that fierce, but she was still the underdog and that’s why we love her. Here’s the mathematics:


Jodie Marsh in tits-covered-up shocker!


And perhaps the most shocking news of all this week: Jodie Marsh spotted out in public wearing clothes – and not just army belts artfully positioned over her nips, a tasteful (now there’s an adjective not usually reserved for Ms. Marsh) ‘wiggle’ dress in musted neutral shades. What IS going on with the world? All is not well, comrades…

Until next week! Cheerio!

Natalie Wall

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