Five women we’d rather see as Future Queen than Kate Middleton

Yah, Kate Middleton, yah, yah. She’s ok we s’pose. Shiny hair, a nice line in Burberry trenches and a love of Haribo = all good in our book. But she’s just a bit, well, ‘meh’, isn’t she?

Wouldn’t you like to see someone with a bit more attitude take to the future-throne and represent good old Blighty? We know we would. Here’s a rather silly selection of five women who might bring a bit of fun to said throne, were they given the chance…

1. Sienna Miller

Cute as a button, but more importantly – a total riot. Imagine if Sienna were Queen? The Daily Mail would probably implode, what with all the half-naked frolicking on yachts with married men, all-night partying and everything else. Wouldn’t you love a man-eating Queenie? We would, too.

2. Kelly Cutrone

She might be a Yank, but she could sort our country out in ten minutes flat. Get her on the blower to David Cameron and watch him scarper off faster than a speeding bullet. Plus, we’d love it if our Queen only wore all black and swore a lot.

3. Adele

Now here’s a girl who’s properly ‘down to earth’ as the tabloids so love to claim Kate is (eating Haribo doesn’t make you down to earth, love). Adele would also tell us how it really is, and wouldn’t it be fab to have a Queen who could belt out a song or two at Royal gatherings? We can just picture the scene now; Harry on the bass guitar and Camilla doing back-up vocals.

4. Helen Mirren

She already played the Queen. She did an awesome job. She’s super cool and lovely. Go on, let her have a go for real. She’s acting royalty anyway – and a Dame – that means she’s nearly halfway there.

5. Alexa Chung

Purely because we’d LOVE to see what she wore to each Royal event. You can bet your life she’d make a twinset and pearls the new must-have within 24 hours of entering Buckingham Palace.

Who’s your fantasy future Queen? Let us know with a comment below…

Fiona Goby

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