Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna wearing white mens shirt

Getting shirty // The oversized boy shirt

Wearing an oversized boy’s shirt is the EASIEST way to nail looking like a total hot mess this summer, right?

Think about it – you don’t even have to buy one.  Simply grab some instant crisp whiteness or boyish blue striping from your own – AKA boyfriend/dad/brother’s wardrobe!

A few things to avoid first: styling with ties, trilbies and pinstripes (unless you wanna look like Cathy Dennis/a car salesman) OBVS. Also avoid the shirtless person you stole it from OBVS.

AND beyond wearing one with tons of jewellery, knackered jeans and chunky heels (the default, natch) what are the different ways you can drop this whole thing?

Alexa Chung shirt under dress

Go transitional with one under a pinafore dress (Alexa style), tie over a cocktail dress (Carine Roitfeld style) or make the likes of a knicker short (half) wearable by doing teaming them with a relaxed unbuttoned number (helloooo Huntington-Whitley!)

Take also vintage inspiration from Madonna in Desperately seeking Susan and the ultimate men’s white-shirt-wearer: Audrey Hepburn:

Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna wearing white mens shirt

Audrey Hepburn in white men's shirt

The gift that keeps giving long after pyjama jackets drop down on the ‘what’s hot’ radar and you can STILL wear them in bed. What’s NOT to love?

Stella McCartney AW13 shirt

Enjoy wearing your boy shirt relaxed all summer before you go seriously starched and high-necked this September, Stella style.

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    men are from Mars

    But can you only wear one whilst being nekked underneath??? Not so practical for the office, hey? Or might get that promotion LOL

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    Love the Madonna outfit, might have to go on Ebay and have a look around for the same outfit now teehee :’)

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      *sigh* Remember when Madge used to be cool and didn’t have to get her bits out all the time?

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