How to… make the most of the sunny weather this weekend

Yesterday was glorious, wasn’t it? A lovely day in England and we’re all just that much happier, with Vitamin D doing things to our moods that most recreational drugs probably can’t (like we’d know, we’re all super clean living ladies who have *never* indulged in such naughty pastimes. Honest).

If you were loving it as much as we were, then we’ve got some ruddy good news for you all; apparently, it’s going to reach the highs of 21 degrees again. ON SATURDAY. Yep, that’s right, SATURDAY. When most of you will be off work. Bonus, or what? Well here’s another little bonus: Le Blow’s guide to how to get the best out of the Saturday Sun.

(Disclaimer – if the sun doesn’t actually show up on Saturday, don’t blame us, ok? We’re not meteorologists or nuffink. Just going on what the Daily Mail says… oh.)

Start assembling the troops NOW

Send a group email or text (or whatever your preferred method of communication is) today, letting everyone know the deal and where you reckon you should be congregating on Saturday. Le park, le pub, your garden, it doesn’t matter, so long as you’re all together, right? (Sorry, the sun exacerbates our cheese levels).

Rise and shine

Even if you’re suffering from the worst hangover of all time (oh, if we only had a quid for every Facebook status we’ve seen declaring the same thing, we’d be living in Barbados by now) do us a favour and savour the sun as much as possible. Which means, get up as near to the crack of dawn as you can handle. You won’t regret it, honest.

Layer up

Yeah, it’s 21 degrees. But this is England, not Ecuador. Don’t head outside in just a skimpy summer dress and a pair of sandals. Go for a layered ensemble like said dress, comfy cardigan and ballet pumps, and maybe even a pair of tights in your bag. That way you’ll have something to sit on in the park if it does get really balmy (and you’ll be able to pop off your ballet shoes too, if you’re so inclined), but you’ll also be prepared if you end up in the pub for the entire evening later on, and have to jump on the bus home when the temperature’s winding down. Shivery drunk at 3am so isn’t a good look.

Slap on the sun screen

You should be putting on SPF everyday, technically. Today is most certainly no exception. Remember to regularly top up your sunscreen, or risk looking like a right twat at work on Monday, when your colleagues ‘so hilariously’ compare you to the lobster they ate on Friday night. You have been warned, ladies.

It’s a plan, Stan

There’s one thing you don’t want to be when trying to make the best of these oh-so-elusive sunny Saturdays, is spontaneous. Planning on heading to the park? Get there early for the optimum spot, don’t just assume there’ll be still be space later on. Planning on bringing some tinnies with you? Purchase them the night before, and put them in a cooler bag with some bagged ice, too. Wanting to pop down the local beer garden in the afternoon for a few pints? Ring ahead; you’ll probably be able to reserve an area for free. It’s amazing just how much your day can be improved with a bit of clever planning. Believe.

Have enough cash for the ice-cream van

Should go without saying, really. (Or do they take cards for 99’s, Calippos and Twisters these days?)

And don’t, whatever you do, forget your sunnies!

Missed sunglasses wearing opportunities can ruin an otherwise pleasant outing. And you’ll look all squinty in photos (and will have to be on de-tag red alert for the resulting photos posted on Facey B).


– Fiona Goby

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