Brooklyn Beckham quiche

Is ‘quiche’ the new ‘fetch’? Lindsay Lohan thinks so.

Brooklyn Beckham quiche

Quiche keeps cropping up of late. Not the moist, pastry-based savoury, squelchy sort of cake, popular in the 80s. But the word. Quiche. QUICHE.

It first came to our attention as a ‘thing’ when Brooklyn Beckham was pictured on the cover of Man About Town wearing a black bomber with Aussie mockumentary genius Chris Lilley’s Ja’mie: Private School Girl slogan ‘Quiche’ on the front.

As Lilley explains in an interview with, “I thought it would be a funny idea to have a word.It’s the idea that she’s inventing her own language. She’s come up with a word to describe herself that would be beyond hot, so yeah, I just thought it was within her character to do that.”

But why QUICHE? “I had a page of different words and originally it was ‘salad’ and then I started to think American people would think I was saying ‘solid’ (with my accent). So I just wrote down quiche. There was a whole page of stupid words. There was couscous. I was going down the food road. But quiche just jumped out.” Riiiiiiight.

It’s certainly caught Lindsay Lohan’s imagination. She pretty much tags ALL of her Instagram photos with #quiche. And it was, after all, LiLo who made ‘fetch’ happen, with her cult 90s film, Mean Girls.

Mean Girls so fetch

But, we’re going to take the Regina stance here, Lilo:


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