Is this the greatest thing on the internet? // MJ and Eddie Murphy want to know Whatzupwitu?

Now forgive me if I’m 20 years late to the party and you’ve all been dining out on this YouTube clip for years, but – is this video of Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy’s Watzupwitu? the most unintentionally lulz thing to be committed to camera? Ever?

If you’re wondering where you were when Eddie Murphy was channeling his casj-night-out-at-Heaven steeze, you’re not alone. But at least there’s video evidence to mark when Eddie’s concept of irony packed its bags and slammed the door on his brain forever: sometime in 1993.

Filmed in a Japanese photo-booth, Eddie and MJ swap earnest platitudes like ‘We can’t stop this world/’Cause it’s not our world/We can just Jackie Chan it up’ (what?) before interrogating each other like a shit Inspector Morse with the Whatzupwitu? refrain to no avail. Seriously guyz, wHaTzUPwiTu???

As Microsoft Paint peace signs and winged hearts kamikaze their way across the screen, the pair deliver some questionable gyrating and then, literally out of the [fake] sky, appears MANY YOUNG BOYS IN SCHOOL UNIFORM.

Even before our enlightened post-Savile world, it’s weird to imagine a time this sort of thing went down without so much as a raised eyebrow, but apparently Michael Jackson could ask for a class of pre-teen schoolboys to circle his thrusting hips and all the director could think to ask was, ‘would you like them to be skipping?’  – that’s unfathomable levels of celebrity for you LOL.

Two minutes of whispering into each other’s ears and jabbing around later, MJ and Eddie prove they’re either battling a case of late onset dementia or couldn’t hold a conversation to outlast a burp, as their green screen bromance resort to shaking each other’s hands.

Can you imagine the #bants flying out of these two? ‘Hi there. Nice to meet you. THIS IS MAD JKS! Hahahahahaha.’ Lads.

Finally, we close on the existentialist ‘whatzupwitu?’ question for the 1,745th and last time, as Eddie Murphy appears like a villain in the night and clasps a hand over MJ’s mouth, presumably to lead him to an off-camera sex dungeon.

And there ends three minutes and 25 seconds of music history gold.

For more frightening insight into Eddie Murphy’s music career, check out this interview with him post-lobotomy. Then why not make a party playlist, invite all your crazy neighbours over and get down like it’s 1993?

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