Lazy Oaf x Batman collection

Kapow! Zap! Boff! // The excellent new Lazy Oaf x Batman collection

Now here is a brand collaboration I’m getting Genuinely Excited for. Lazy Oaf. And. BATMAN.

Lazy Oaf x Batman collection

Lazy Oaf has been a big fave of mine for a while now. It perfectly personifies the 80/90s cartoon-y, tongue-in-cheek colour-popping street wear trend this summer (as per my previous post) with it’s burger socks (you heard), pineapple T-shirts (why not?), and French Fries shopper bags (mayo AND ketchup with mine, ta).

So when I found out they’d teamed up with Marvel for a BATMAN collab, I pretty much wet my Batman pants (worn over my tights, obvs).

The Batman x Lazy Oaf collaboration is not only a great concept but the product speaks for itself and is, quite frankl,y cool as FUCK.

Lazy Oaf x Batman collection

It’s fun BUT moody; and has more than a mini-tinge of Alice Dellal-style East London hipster about it – in a GOOD way. All ripped tights, red lipstick and bra tops (if it’s good enough for Chanel – that’s all I’m sayiinnnn’).

The look book is shot by noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker SORRY Viktor Vauthier, and even the BEHIND THE SCENES of the look book images are so cool they feature a REAL CAT. Hello. Cats are well cool. So are disco pants- and there’s loads of them in there too (cats AND disco pants? *Rachel Zoe voice* I DIE)

Personal fave pieces include the sheer bat logo crop top (if I give up donuts for the next six years there’s a chance I can wear this. Investment piece, essentially)

The bodycon cartoon dress is to die, or at least, KA-POW for; the Batwing top is GENIUS, and the Bat signal body I will be wearing with tights and a cape. And a mask. To work. And what? IT’S FASHION (turn to the left)!

Lazy Oaf x Batman collection
Lazy Oaf x Batman collection

Not only that, but they’re throwing a launch party at the store in Fouberts place this Friday with free goody bags for the first twenty purchases made on the night AND YOU’LL HAVE TO THROW ME OUT OF THE WAY FOR ONE. Par de problem?

For more on the Lazy Oaf x Batman launch party, head over to or for more boff, bonk, pow! watch this:

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