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Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse // WIN a signed Kate Moss iPhone 5 cover!

Do you have a dog-eared smartphone cover? We do – literally; the bunny ears are hanging off our Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case *sad times*

If you’re in need of a new bit of kit to protect your gadgets and gizmos, don’t we have a surprise for you! Get excited (we’re VERY excited about this competition at Le Blow HQ, and we’ll admit, there was nearly a fist-fight over the prizes in question). Can you say ‘Kate Moss’?


Kate Moss Carphone Warehouse accessories collection - images - leblow.co.uk

Kate Moss Carphone Warehouse collection - images - leblow.co.uk

In a surprising collaboration (what? We didn’t see this one coming, did you?), Kate Moss has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to create an exclusive collection of swish leather and metallic cases for the latest phones and tablets. They’re calling it ‘fashion tech’; we’re calling it ‘bloody amazing’.

Srsly. We’ve been waiting for a range of iPhone covers that are less ‘accident-in-a-rhinestone-factory-by-way-of-the-local-market’ and more ‘sophisticated-yet-stylish-gal-about-town‘ but without costing £49352619127349 for the privilege.

Not only are Mossy’s wares very reasonably priced (from £14.99 for a smartphone case, up to £49.99 for a large tablet cover) but each and every piece was inspired by the supermodel’s own wardrobe.

We’re talking a patent crocodile skin design with gold embellishment that Kate designed around her favourite vintage lighter; a bold metallic star case inspired by a diamond necklace from Kate’s jewellery box; and the simple anchor emblem taken from a tattoo on her wrist that has become her personal monogram across the whole range.

And we’ve got a killer competition to celebrate this super-cool collab, courtesy of the kind peeps at Carphone Warehouse. We’ve got four of the patent leather snakeskin cases to give away (worth £24.99 a piece), but GET THIS: EACH ONE HAS BEEN SIGNED (AND TOUCHED) BY KATE MOSS HERSELF! Worth? Priceless.

Kate Moss Carphone Warehouse competition signed iPhone covers - leblow.co.uk


Want in? Leave a comment below, describing the sorry state of your current phone or tablet cover. For extra Brownie points, you can tweet us a picture and tag it #KateMossCollection.
Or use #TouchedByTheHandOfMoss. Whatever.


The Kate Moss Accessories Collection designed exclusively for Carphone Warehouse is available in store nationwide or online at carphonewarehouse.com/KateMoss.

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  • avatar

    battered and forlorn my iphone case is much like me!

  • avatar
    angela sandhu

    My iphone has so many scratches on it-I really need a case which protects AND looks good!

  • avatar
    Jacques Lachetta

    I don’t even have one, it’s my phone that’s in the sorry state!

  • avatar

    my iphone case doesnt do the phone justice. Battered and bruised in need of updating would love to be stylish and sassy just like Kate Moss

  • avatar

    All those calls professing my undying love will mean so much more when they’re made from a phone encased in her very own love message

  • avatar
    Christina Brown

    My iphone case is actually completely broken and so was the screen of my phone up until I got a fixed a couple of days ago! Rather in need of a fashionable sturdy case like this!

  • avatar
    shane weir

    it’s v poorly

  • avatar
    David Sweet

    Ipad case has worn to non existance

  • avatar
    Lucy S

    I don’t have an iphone case. That’s probably why my screen is now smashed to smithereens. HELP!

  • avatar
    Kathy Wiggins

    I’ve got a Hello Kitty case. I’m 33. The time has come for me to have a more sophisticated case methinks.

  • avatar
    Azra Dedic

    I don’t even have an iphone case.. my poor iphone needs some TLC in the form of Kate Moss!

  • avatar
    Amy Jane

    My phone cover is a mess – I dropped it on the road one night – Phone went in bits had to trawl back up the hills collecting the sections the next morning

  • avatar
    Michael Clyma

    My fake leather black case is falling apart, the stitching is coming undone, the clip has fallen off, and now my children say, I should use th e phone in hiding due to the state of the case, they are embarrassed by it!!

  • avatar
    Shanice Pownall

    My case fell apart, to the point where it is not worth putting back on my iPhone as it won’t protect anything

  • avatar
    sadie martin

    Why does a phone case have to be boring?

    I just realised it doesn’t thank you! Now I can have a phone that matches my style not one that clashes with it!

    Excited 🙂

  • avatar
    Jen Rogers

    My phone is completely bare and naked – a total embarrassment!

  • avatar
    Tammy Tudor

    My case is boring and it has a great big crack down the middle!

  • avatar

    My iphone case has so many blinged-up jewels on, it hurts my hand to type. And it catches on bloody everything ;). I think it’s time I become the classy lady I know I am x

  • avatar

    I don’t even have a case. My phone is currently more battered than a piece of cod.

  • avatar
    Stacey Carnell

    Scratches all over – 🙁

  • avatar
    belinda porter

    I have a tiger one but with the grandchildren using it its getting torn

  • avatar
    Peter Gilby

    The super model looks of my phone have long faded and it could use a Moss over

  • avatar
    hannah crawford

    i have none! i have a brand new iphone five and it is CRYING out to be looked after à la moss. a moss bros suit for the phone if you will (but well more cool and classy, obvs).

  • avatar
    stacey webb

    I haven’t even got a case at the mo, my other one pretty much fell apart!

  • avatar
    Teresa Bancroft

    I have a Nokia that’s currently held together with selloptape. I’m upgrading to an iphone next month and in need of a snazzy new cover to go with it *flutters eyelashes*

  • avatar
    Sarah Danton

    I’ve never got over missing out on the Kate Moss poppy print Topshop dress many moons ago. Don’t make me miss out again – my iphone is currently clad in a cassette cover purchased from my local market – so not cool! x

  • avatar
    elliot dawson

    mines is current hanging together by a thread! about time I replaced it!

  • avatar
    Wendy Collard

    To be fair my phone had been vunerable and naked for quite some time until a few weeks ago when my hubby ordered us both new covers. Being the tight git he is, he went for the cheapest option (Needless to say my phone keep falling out thanks to the procarious clip that is mean’t to hold it in place!) The most embarrasing bit is the fact I had to label it (as we have matching phones and covers *I know, I know equally cringeworthy) Or I keep picking up his phone. I hope to get round to a slightly more creative and eyecatching personalisation of my cover at some point. But alas, for now, it remains this way. I just need to remember to cover the label in public. It is not a good look! I have tweeted you a piccy @WendyCollard.

  • avatar
    Robyn Logan Clarke

    My son thinks my mobile is a teething toy! Its a bit battered

  • avatar
    Isabelle Smith

    no case xx

  • avatar
    Charlotte Clark

    my iphone is battered and needs protecting as it seems to be indestructable so far 😀

  • avatar

    My iphone case is shattered into many, tragic pieces by the side of a road in a far, far away land.. well, the streets of London. My iphone remains cold and naked, shivering though the night and writing melancholy poetry throughout the day to pass the time.. PLEASE help regain my iphone’s modesty and also get it one million style points at the same time?! Gabrielle xx

  • avatar
    sarah robertson

    I don’t have a case but my 21 month old son has chewed bits of my phone!!!

  • avatar

    My phone is all scratched up from not having a case on it…its very sad looking. I had a case but it broke and my brother gave me his old one, but its gross lol its old and dirty from him working outside with it. 🙁

  • avatar

    I would like a case because Kate is unique, simply.

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