Kate Moss on motorbike for Matchless

Fashspiration of the week // Mossy on a motorcycle

A model posing suggestively on a motorbike means one of only two things. Either you’ve stumbled upon a Men and Motors cover spread OR you are experiencing a rock ‘n’ roll fashion MOMENT.

Shot by Terry Richardson and keeping it down and dirty at Hackney’s MC Motors, Kate Moss has most definitely delivered the latter.

In images released this week, she sprawls across across a rather large to promote the debut outerwear collection from British brand, Matchless.

And it isn’t just ANY engine. Kate posed on Marlon Brando’s motorcycle from the iconic film The Wild One.

Kate Moss on motorbike for Matchless

Kate Moss on motorbike for Matchless

Kate Moss on motorbike for Matchless

Leather and biker detailing have been on the perennially cool radar for like, ever. Acne, Christopher Kane and Each X Other currently offer timeless, modern interpretations.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in 90s leather

Marlon Brando in a biker jacket

Marianne Faithfull in Girl on a Motorcycle

Fashspiration-wise our references are endless. Think 90s off-duty Mossy herself in battered leather hanging with out with Johnny Depp. Marlon Brando in his baker boy hat, white t shirt, B.R.M.C biker jacket and turn-up denim. Or Marianne Faithfull, Girl on a Motorcycle era, in a zip-up catsuit, pedal to the metal and wind in her hair.

Sooo much cooler than taking the bus.

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