Keds for Madewell // Get in my life and on my feet NOW

We seem to have a birrova foot fetish here on Le Blow. No, not like that, you kinky bastards, but we do seem to be slightly obsessed with marriages made in sneaker heaven.

Now that spring has pretty much officially sprung (we know this to be true, as the ol’ ankle-o-meter recorded at least two sans socks occurrences in the last week), we’re eye-balling box fresh beauties to decorate our feet. We stumbled across these delicious specimens on the internets:


Denim-makers Madewell have teamed up with all-American sneaker brand Keds to cover their iconic canvas kicks in a series of their favourite prints for spring. The result? Three styles with actual bona fide Rubber Sole.

There’s the sweet spotted ones; the multi-stripe style (based on a Madewell scarf print) and these – my absolute favourites – the blanket stripe pair; just perfect for festival season – totally Tex-Mex – and how much do I love the leather laces?

keds for madewell blanket stripe sneakersSwoon. And they’re only (as the Americans say) fifty bucks! Ah, yes. ‘Bucks’. That’s the slight problem. Not sure how us Brits can get our paws on them across the pond without having to pay £107,729,283,976 in import tax and the like. Oh well; sure they’ll be available in Office or somewhere soon *sighs and gazes at screen forlornly*

Keds for Madewell sneakers, $50,

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