Things that made us go WTF? this week // Slebs showing their true colours (that’s mint green, orange and blue)

In honour of all the Fash-wan Weeks *kiss kiss* taking place at the mo, this week’s WTF? (note how we say that, blithely ignoring the fact the last proper WTF? we did was, um, last year but anyway) is dedicated to slebs what ought to sack their stylists.

Here, we present a plethora of rainbow coloured celebrities, all showing us their true (rather odd) colours and making us vom up a spittle-ridden ‘what the fack?’  in our mouths…

Oooh, doesn’t Kanye look a pretty boy in pastels?

Kanye West mint green jumper london fashion week
kanye west mint green jumper

Here’s Kanye West at London Fashion Week for the Mark Fast AW12 show. Now, the thing is, this is exactly the sort of thing I’d wear right now – pretty pastels, Balmain denim jacket, faded chambray shirt, layers of gold jewellery and colour-popping hi-tops (his are the Nike Air Yeezy 2 if you’re wondering).

But… I’m a girl. I’m not about to pop a cap in yo ass. I’m not a legendary hip-hop star. I’m not an ego-maniacal rap genius who debuted a clothing collection last year that was rap with a capital ‘C’. I ain’t got nuttin’ to prove, y’all *end of really shit ‘ghetto’ speak*

Still, Kanye’s nothing short of confident. And you’d need to be as a hard man on the ‘Frow wearing a mint Aran sweater – which, incidentally is by Acne and was at first rumoured to be womenswear but appaz also runs in the men’s line too. Sure. How much did Kanye pay ’em to make ’em make that up confirm that, we wonder?

Olly Murs and his orange face at the Brit Awards 2012

Olly Murs orange face at BRIT Awards 2012
Oompa! Loompa! Doom-pa-dee-do!
I have the perfect puzzle for you:
What the! Fuck did! Olly Murs do?
To his round face – s’got a mahogany hue?

What do you get when you over fake tan?
You start to resemble that very strange man –
The one who presented Bargain Hunt –
And people will think you’re a bit of a c*nt

I don’t like the look of it…

Nicki Minaj looks like a fucking smurf

Leetle beet bored of Nicki Minaj, if I’m brutally honest. Oh look! There’s Nicki dressed as The Pope! Oh, there she is looking like a multi-coloured TV test screen. Heh! She so crazy with her stupid faces!  Yawn, there she is dressed as a smurf for Vogue’s March 2012 issue (the one with Adele on the front).

If you too want to look like a tit – a blue tit at that – please do follow our simple formula to recreate the Minaj look:
nicki minaj mathsUntil next week* WTFers. Do point out anything you spot that you want us to include in this featurette over on Twitter, won’t you?

*By ‘next week’, we clearly mean when we can next be arsed to write this column, natch.

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