The Artist

Likeable celebrities: The Science of Silence // Inspired by The Artist

Black and white, not available in 3D or starring anyone from an M&S advert, The Artist is a subtly wonderful film.

The Artist

Essentially a love story set in the era of silent films becoming ‘talkies’, the stars are charismatic, talented and entertaining. And they (almost) don’t say a word.

Silence intrigues us. We want to see the characters dance and smile, we want to know more about what they’re feeling and what they’re holding back. This also applies to behaviour off-camera.

These days it’s hard to become famous and say very little. The current plan of action for a typical self-promoting celeb is pretty undignified. Tweet incessantly, tell the tabloids about your charity work/horrible ex, ‘accidentally’ post a compromising video on YouTube and tip off The Daily Mail when you’re doing squats in the park or popping to Sainsbury’s – congratulations you are an overexposed modern celebrity.

The Artist

The elusive glamour of old school greats like Louise Brooks or Clara Bow may be part of a bygone era but never underestimate the power of holding back.

This is also a great way to limit gaffs; model Coco Rocha recently tweeted from the Premier of Iron Lady that she was excited to see Glenn Close when the film stars Meryl Streep. Duh!

Think of Greta Garbo in hiding or once media-shy Kate Moss; ultimately the more talented but elusive you can be, the more attractive you are perceived. And as Mark Twain once said; it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

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