Disney Couture + Mawi = Minnie Mawi (see what they did there?!)

Mawi Disney Couture
So this one time I had an interview at Disney’s London HQ. It was going really well. They asked me what my favorite Disney film was and I replied, ‘Mary Poppins, obvs’.
I then went on to explain that it was because I had recently been traveling and was amused by people trying to mimic my British accent but actually sounding like Dick Van Dyke. He became a mascot of sorts to my other Brit friends and myself. So much so that we used to do a Dick Van Dyke dance in clubs. I then proceeded to demonstrate said dance. I DANCED IN AN INTERVIEW. Who does that?!
Needless to say I awoke the next morning with a weighted sense of shame and assumed I would never hear from them again. Imagine my surprise when I received a call back.
I entered the room and was confronted by a row of eight people sat in a row to interview me. By interview I mean come down to see the girl who does a Dick Van Dyke dance.
I thought I’d win them over with an amusing story. They all laughed along until I realised the story ended with ‘…and then she died’. It was too late to change it so I finished the story and watched their faces drop. The interview came to an abrupt end and that’s why I’m sat here mid day writing this in my pyjamas and not working for Disney.

Mawi for Disney Couture necklace

Annnniiiiiway, I do still love a bit of Disney. Where else would we get unrealistic expectations of hair? I’m especially loving the new range of Disney Couture jewellery designed by Mawi Keivom which includes statement necklaces, cocktail rings, charm bracelets and pendants. All featuring the iconic recognisable shapes of the mouse ears and Minnie’s bow.
With prices around the £100 mark this is clearly not a collection for kids. What kind of grown up would wear these pieces? I don’t think you are ever too old to rock a pair of mouse ears – says the girl who takes a Hello Kitty for Liberty pencil case to her MA lectures…

Shop Mawi for Disney Couture at ASOS…

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