Nanoblur // from Old Hag to Potential Slag*

Nanoblur! The latest wonder product to hit UK shores and by God is it good. You might be slightly disgusted by the politically incorrect title of this post but please bear with me – there’s reason behind the madness.

Nanoblur product shot
You see, this Nanoblur product has the actual potential to turn you from hideously hungover old bag into someone with skin so flawless and youthful that they could, potentially, turn back time and relive their teenage slut years.

Nanoblur promises to shave ten years from your face in just 40 seconds; a wildly enthusiastic claim and a pretty stupid one, but the effects are truly astonishing. Applied over finished makeup (or clean skin if you happen to not need foundation) the thick paste uses something called ‘advanced optics technology’ to create a ‘soft focus’ effect and blur out fine lines and open pores.


I am sat wearing it now, feeling very slightly as though my face has been spritzed with SprayMount, but my skin does look incredible.

It’s hard to categorise this Nanoblur; it’s not skincare (there are no long-term benefits to the skin) and it’s not makeup (there are no colour pigments) and so I’m going to call it an ‘after-primer’.
A ‘final fix’.
Whatever I call it, it’s bloody good.

A word to the wise: do not attempt to use this underneath your makeup or it’ll be a disaster. The best way to use it is on clean skin, but if you want to apply over your base then wait at least twenty minutes for your base to ‘bed in’. You can powder on top (blush, bronze) but be light-handed with it as if you make a mistake you’ll find it difficult to blend it away.

Nanoblur is £19.99 from Boots

*Le Blow girls know that we use the term ‘slag’ here in the worst nicest possible way.

** I’d provide photos but I’m writing in the nude, which is, as you know, the only way I can get productive.

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