Miu Miu bling bling // sparkly sneakers? Sure.

No caps, no trainers? I challenge any doorman to turn you away from their establishment in these blinged up kicks.

These new Mui Mui trainers are seriously sparkly with appliqued crystals and embellished glitter. Available in gold, silver, black and cherry on a patent leather, lamé and velvet base.


Miu_Miu_SneakersThey probably cost eleventy thousand pounds so I would be careful on the night bus home. Although for that price you might want to try clicking them together three times and chanting ‘home, home, home’. If that doesn’t get you back, at least people will think you are a mental and leave you alone / not steal your trainers.

Jude Brosnan

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    Jeweled toes – I can’t think of a pair of trainers that top these!

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    por favor me gustaria comprar lod zapatilla deportivas de miu miu con piedra svarovski ,platelada oesta con piel de serpiente i piedras de svarovski.

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      Huh? You wanna buy ’em? So do we!

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