Monie Love// It’s a sha-a-ame they don’t make ’em like this anymore

What a beautiful day. Here, have a bit of Monie Love.

This Battersea born British em-cee and protégé of Queen Latifah is the epitome of 90s girl power.

Monie Love -

You might remember Monie Love from her hit ‘It’s a Shame’ featuring Ultra Nate. Check out the video because who doesn’t love watching cute kids in caps and dungarees dancing? People who are dead inside, that’s who.

Also, nice sportswear/gold chunky hoop earring combo.

Here she is with ‘Grandpa’s Party’. We’re loving her urban turban and background graphics – very Keith Haring-esque. Not a bikini-clad grinding booty in sight – sorry lads.

Reminds us of Eddie Murphy in Coming to America which is an awesome film. Shame on you if you haven’t seen it.

Her track ‘Monie in the Middle’ has some pretty good dance moves in it that we may or may not have copied and performed in assembly aged eight.

Check out the dude wearing roller skates AND break dancing. Totes going to be trying that. Coming soon to a hospital near you.

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