The Manifesto // What do men really think about Valentine’s Day?

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This week, Man Two tells us his thoughts on Valentine’s Day AKA What Men REALLY Think About The Most Romantical Day of the Year. Listen up:


Valentine’s Day. Like, whatever, basically.

If you’re in a relationship it’s cool to make the effort and do something nice for your girlfriend. It’s a bit arbitrary saying it HAS to be on that day, but if there wasn’t a set day, people would probably let it slide.

 If however, I find myself single on Valentine’s, it passes me by. Once or twice I’ve been tempted to go on an enormous drinking session in Soho, with a view to ending up at Moonlighting, watching as the desperate lonely hearts of London try to cure loneliness with casual intimacy, myself included. It would be dark as fuck. But perhaps against the spirit of things.
Present-wise, you can’t go wrong with a well thought out gift. And by that I mean something you’ve made an effort on. Draw her a picture, make her a CD, bake her a cake. All lame, but that’s the point.
That said, if you don’t have flowers and some champagne in the fridge, just in case, you’re a dick.
So that’s that, then. Thanks Man Number Two! Got a question for the Le Blow boys? Email them here.
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