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Now I’m a Belieber and I’m not ashamed to admit it

With a fourteen-year age-gap between Justin Bieber and me, I’m old enough to be his mum – maybe his nan! – in some parts of the world. And perhaps it’s a maternal instinct in me kicking in (one that I never knew I had) but I’ve become quite the Belieber of late and I’m not even sorry.

This is no easy thing for me to admit to, btw. He used to make my shit itch. I used to despise his girly squeaky voice and stupid floppy pudding-bowl hair cut. This cocky upstart was NOT for me with my super cool, hipster music taste and every time Baby came on the radio (which was approx eleventy billion times a day in 2007) I would have to stop from doing a small sick in my mouth.

But fast forward a few years, past Justin’s ‘Britney-style breakdown’ era (we’ve all been there pal – mine involved drinking all the shots from one of those wooden paddles then falling asleep ON the toilet) and I seem to have developed a soft spot for J-Bizzle.

AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS CALVIN KLEIN MODEL SHOTS BECAUSE THAT’S JUST PERVERSE. And at my age, I could get arrested! So I definitely didn’t look at those campaign pics. Nor those more recent nude shots. Well, maybe a quick peek, all in the name of research, you understand.

But yeah, something’s changed. I think it’s because you gotta feel sorry for the wee fella. He was only 15 when he became famous so he’s grown up in the spotlight – and we have zillions of celebrity examples demonstrating how tits-up that can often go.

So I say, he’s allowed to derail a little – we all do from time to time. We’re all human, after all. I remember how bonkers I was as a teen, with hormones raging and a different emotional mood every minute. Just pick any page in my free-with-Sugar-magazine diary circa 1995 for an enlightening foray into the fucked-up mind of a fifteen-year-old, if you fancy. In fact, some of his song titles read like my manic diary entries from that era:

U Smile.
Love Me.
That Should Be Me.
What Do You Mean?
Where Are You Now?

He also had to go through his first real heartbreak in the public eye too, which can’t have been easy. Again, I think back to having to deal with boy crushes and unrequited love every other blimmin’ day and it was SHIT. So aside from, y’know, pissing in pots and throwing egg, offering out Orlando Bloom and getting a little bit arrested, I think he’s come out the other side pretty breezy, don’t you?

Not only that, but he seems to be growing on people, too. Whenever I ‘fess up to being a Belieber of late, I’m met with general agreement not piss-taking.

So here, in no particular order are the 7 moments that made me quite like Justin Bieber rather a lot. SHUT UP, I WON’T HAVE A BAD WORD SAID AGAINST HIM.

1. His mug shots


I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. But it’s that WINNING SMILE. And maybe the red tabard.

2. Carpool karaoke with James Corden

I loved the first round back in May when we got a whiff of his sense of humour (props to James Corden), but the more recent second vid is JUST BRILLIANT. WATCH IT:

3. The super sassy video for Sorry

Justin Bieber Sorry video

Featuring the 90s vibes of the ReQuest and Royal Family dance crews out of Auckland, NZ, plus dancer Parris Goebel BUT NO JUSTIN. TRÈS COOL. Watch it here and be won over too.

4. The emotional video post-Ellen show video


In which he says he wants to be “kind and loving and gentle and soft” and move on from his mistakes. Aw, you got me JB, you GOT ME. I’m feeling all the protective feels. Watch it here (cos I couldn’t get it to embed in this post FFS).

5. Running in heels on Alan Carr

He has 100% done that before.

6. Telling his audience to clap in time

As one of my own bug-bears at gigs, this may have sealed the deal for me and JB, when he stopped singing live on Spanish TV to tell the audience: “at least clap on the right notes, come on guys, stop, stop, stop” MEGALOLZ.

7. Drinking a pint in a London pub

Justin Bieber pint London pub

He took his entire team for drinks in The Square Pig and Pen, Holborn. And he seemed to handle his pint fairly well, bless.


So there you have it. I’m a Belieber. Although I haven’t bought his new album. But that can only be a matter of time…

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