Overheard at a model casting

Overheard at a model casting…

Overheard a conversation: Models being ‘assessed’ for an important ad campaign…

Overheard at a model casting

‘She’s too fat in the face’
‘She’s got a very round head. She’s kooky.’
‘She’s exquisite. But a bit of a chunky monkey.’
‘I like her eyebrows’
‘It’s hard to make a red head look good’
‘Oh, I LOVE her!’ two minutes later ‘Oh no, wait, she’s AWFUL. I hate her’
‘She’s not sexy. They’ve got to be sexy’ said by the unsexiest woman on the planet
‘We want alleyway girls’
‘Is she quite slapper enough?’
‘I don’t like her white face’
‘She’s too small – what’s wrong with her? She couldn’t fill a size 6!’
‘I want a Bambi. Not a hunchy.’
‘Oh, I know her. She looks like a pig’
‘Don’t forget, they can do really good hair and make-up, if you don’t like her face’


‘She looks less blow jobby and more editorial’

Brilliant. Just brilliant.


…a few more gems when reviewing the actual shoot:

‘He’s so hot. But so boring. The most boring man on earth. But SO hot!’
‘She looks like a bit of a Flump.’
‘She looks smacked out of her mind! I can practically see needle marks on her arm…’
‘So, out of the two then?’ ‘Neither’. ‘Oh.’
‘You know those bags of rock you get at the seaside? Pink and white and in that packaging? Her colouring reminds me of that’.


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