Paloma Faith Olympic torch heels

Running in heels // Nail the Olympic zeitgeist in actual performance trainers

News flash – Paloma Faith carrying the Olympic flame last week. She didn’t have to totter down the road wearing patent, skyscraper stilettos to make a fashion statement (or anti-fashion if you clock the customized white tracksuit).

Paloma Faith Olympic torch heels

Actual trainers, that is, real performance trainers are arguably the most fashion-forward footwear you can currently own.

Saucons to the shops, New Balance to the pub and Adidas to work (well, perhaps if you work at the Olympic Park) – performance trainers perform well even when taken out of context.

Quell fears of looking like a middle-age commuter who pulls on their tired gym-bag Asics the second they leave the office by investing in directional collaborations like the new Nike X Liberty running collection. Slick, lightweight with monochrome and neon styling, there’s no chance in hell this look says comfort before style.

Liberty print Nike Air Max 1 trainers

And if you do decide to take advantage of the fact you actually own some functional footwear (rather than just ankle boots and paper-soled slippers) you could even wear them for running.

I imagine they’re slightly less painful than cray cray stripper heels, but Paloma could probably tell you that first hand.

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    OMG, I want to say Paloma looks retarded but that would be inconsiderate, given the unfortunate circumstances of the picture above. Why would you wear ridiculous sky scraper heels to carry the Olympic torch? WHY?! It’s not like wedge heel trainers aren’t all the rage for fuck’s sake?!!!

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