Topshop hotdog bikini

Style bite (literally) // Fast food fashion: Wear chips on your shoulder…

It was only a matter of time before my love of all things greasy foodwise spilled over into my wardrobe – literally in some cases:
‘That’s a lovely lip gloss you’re rocking there, Amy – what is it?’
‘Oh, nothing. I had chips for lunch’.

Ronald McDonald riding a bike with hamburger wheels

In a WEWWY STREET and highly tongue-in-cheek move on from the cartoon characters, Pop Art typography and crazy block colours of current streetwear styles, a nuts new micro(wave??) trend has sprung up that is RIGHT up Le Blow’s kebab shop-lined street.


Kanye West fries sweater 2008

Not ones to hide our eternal quest for the perfect dirty burger, or our combining of our two favourite things in our biweekly meetingss (tattooed boy-spotting AND pie-gobbling  at the Hawley Arms – mmmmmm, gravy) we have now wisened our search to find the best fast food fashion items, EVS.

Feast your eyes on this little lot and get ’em while they’re hot!

Beige (food) is the new black

fast food sweater

Shamazing. ALL THE BEIGE FOOD. A GREAT way to keep toasty in this STUPID MARCH WEATHER and look hippityy-hot-to-trot.

Rook fast food sweater, $54, Urban Outfitters US

Junk in your trunk on your feet

Junk food sock

Lazy Oaf fries socks

A great way to show off your trend prowess is with a sneaky flash of ankle. WHY SIR YOU MAKE ME BLUSH. Burger socks and Nike Air Max 90s. Oh YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.

Junk food sock, $8, Urban Outfitters US
French Fries socks, £8, Lazy Oaf

Get the burger sweats

Kitsune Burger graphic sweater

For a slightly subtler approach (ahem, LIGHTYWEIGHTS) get your foodie fashion fix with Urban Outfitters’ Kitsune burger, hot dog or pizza graphic sweats and tees.

Kitsune burger sweat, £90, Urban Outfitters

Supersize me

Firebox Hamburger sweater

For all out loud and proud burger devotion THIS FULL-ON HAMBURGER SWEATER IS DA BOMB (what?).
Note: Le Blow Ed and Beige Diet Pioneer Nat owns this style  – obvs.

Hamburger sweater, £39.99,

Feeling saucy?

French Fries leggings

Wear the above burger sweater with these French Fries leggings and we at Le Blow will salute you. In between bites of burger.

Mr Gugu shiny French Fries leggings, £23.99, Truffle Shuffle

Hamburger to go

Hamburger ham bag


Chain ham bag, £30, Urban Outfitters

Hot diggity dawg

Topshop hotdog bikini

And our ultimate number one must-have fast food fashion item? Topshop’s hot dog and chips bikini. ABSOLUTE GENIUS. And my body will TOTALLY be bikini ready by the time summer hactually arrives.
*Eats more burgers. Buys more burger clothes*

Hot Dog bikini, £32, Topshop

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    Natalie Wall

    This is literally the best thing I have ever seen *buys everything immediately and wears it all at once*

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