What’s big in our box // Charli XCX ft. Brooke Candy – Cloud Aura

We love a little pint-sized popstar. Like those ones you look at and think ‘yeah, I could fit her in a tube of Smarties and carry her around in my pocket all day,’ you know what I mean? No. OK, kewl.

If Marina and the Diamonds had a goth little sister who spent all day casting spells and unleashing a world of DIY voodoo pain on her classmates, I recks that’d probably be Charli XCX. And I’m just loving all this SASS the girls are bringing.

Can you feel it coming out of the screen and stroking your face like a gentle dove wing? Just me again?

A mash-up of crying gifs, this is the perfect mash-up for Tumblr addicts while fans of the ’90s (oh hai everyone under 35) will be looking for where to get their hands on a pair of Charli’s hologram shades (eBay is your friend).

All said and done this is a pretty amazing tune and more than worthy to take up residence in Le Blow’s special box (oi oiiii!)

NB: Candy Brooke girrrl, I’m loving your cyber-grunge style and talon homage to Nine Inch Nails, but comparing your WAN TREW LUV to Chris Brown is just seven levels of wrong, k?


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    Very cool

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