What’s big in our box // Foxes – The Unknown

Oh, Foxes, you big tease, you! Release your debut album already!

Foxes AKA London songstress Louisa Rose Allen gives us a taster of what’s to come (sort of) with this ‘non-video’ video of new demo track, somewhat ironically called The Unknown.

Foxes Louisa Rose Allen

The vid is essentially Foxes and her band jumpin’ abaaaaht and avin’ a laaaarf whilst on tour and is the sort of bouncy ‘leccy pop that’s right up Le Blow’s alley. So to speak. All glittering keys-and-synth instrumentation.

We’re not sure what we love more: The track or the video – it’s just like the sort we used to make when we were kids and wanted to be popstars ‘when we grow up’. Still do, in fact.

Foxes’ debut album is released AT SOME POINT SOON. We hope.

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    Kay P

    Love this track, thanks for sharing x

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    Cool video!

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