Kisses The Hardest Part

What’s big in our box // Kisses – The Hardest Part

Look. I’m not very well. Had my appendix removed last week, and resemble something from the Saw horror film franchise.

Anyhoo, not being able to move far from the sofa has meant I’ve been discovering new choonage, and this 80s-inspired number by LA duo Kisses has been stuck on repeat. Mostly cos I couldn’t reach my iPod to press skip. Ho ho!

Kisses The Hardest Part

If you liked New Order’s True Faith (or The Pet Shop Boys or The Human League or Depeche Mode or just 80s Brit bands in general), you’ll love Kisses’ The Hardest Part. It’s all synth, drum machines and catchy guitar riffs. YESSS.

Admittedly, I’d not heard of them up until now, but will be buying their forthcoming second album off the back of this tropical disco ditty fo sho.

From Kids in LA; released in May (ooh, that rhymed!)

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