What’s big in our box // Snoop Lion ft. Miley Cyrus (srsly) – Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

This track is full of so much WTF?-ness, it’s unreal. Snoop Dogg’s new track Ashtrays and Heartbreaks has well and truly got us scratching the exposed crevic of our arse-cheeks in wonderment:

Snoop Lion Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

Snoop Dogg is now called Snoop Lion!
I must have missed this memo. Apparently he made the change to mark his new musical direction. A bit like 50 Cent becoming ‘Fiddy’ and Prince becoming an unpronounceable symbol.
Note: Like your gran, we still call all of these artists by thei ORIGINAL name and will continue to do so FOREVS.

Snoop Lion dresses like Bob Marley!
Seriously. Clad in Rasta colours, Adidas tracksuits and wearing 90s-style penny round shades. It’s almost SO caricature, he looks a bit like Ali G.

Snoop Lion

Rasta Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion collaborates with Hannah Montana!
Not a sentence we’d ever thought we’d write. The chap who’d formerly “pop a cap in yo’ ass” and suchlike has collaborated with… Miley Cyrus. Miley. Fucking. Cyrus. She’s clearly been listening to Rihanna on repeat, with her warbling ‘eh eh ehs’ and ‘ay ay ays’. And we guess they have a shared love of smoking bongs in common.

But don’t worry, Snoop brings back the cool with the co-producers of the song, none other than Diplo-fronted dancehall studio unit Major Lazer and pop producer Ariel Rechtshaid.

And you know the most astonishing thing of all? WE ACTUALLY QUITE LIKE IT.

We found ourselves nodding our heads along to the breezy one-drop reggae beat before we knew who it was by. And we have to say, Snoop and Miley (nope, it still doesn’t sit right) harmonize pretty effortlessly over the top. It almost sounds a bit like old skool No Doubt.

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is taken from Snoop Lion’s album Reincarnated out 23rd April.

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