Solange Knowles Losing You video still -

What’s big in our box // Solange Knowles – Losing You

Even though Beyoncé is BACK and looking like one hot mama, we at Le Blow have got a whole lotta love for her younger, cooler skin-and-blister, Solange Knowles.

When siblings of already famous artists try and jump on the fame bandwagon, we often roll our eyes and wait for the inevitable cringe-fest, but not so Solange.

Solange Knowles Losing You video still -

Losing You, penned by Knowles and longtime collaborator Dev Hynes, is a relaxed mid-tempo R&B track, fiercly fusing 80s pop with hip-house beats and African percussion influences, as Solange’s effortless vocals – tinged with sadness – soar over the top.

It’s definitely music to reminice to and for some reason reminds me of Sister Sledge’s Frankie and Carly Simon’s Why – both excellent slices of 80s pop that I listened to growing up. Maybe with a hint of 90s Lonnie Gordon, Happening All Over Again.

Solange Knowles Losing You video -

And the video? Normally we sack off critiquing the accompanying video in this forum cos it’s all abaaaaaht the tunes, maaaaaan but this vid is pretty spesh – and has made me want to book up an exotic holiday, sharpish.

Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, using a sun-bleached colour palette, we love the obvious reference to excellent coffee table book Gentlemen of Bacongo by Italian photographer Daniele Tamagnis, which documents the superbly stylish Le Sape Society.

Gentlemen of Bacongo

Speaking of supreme style, Solange wears printed power suits and floral bombers from a whole host of designers including SUNO, Kenzo, Diane von Fürstenberg and Opening Ceremony.

And beyond everything, we’re loving her dance moves which show she’s not taking herself too seriously. Seems she’s a gal after our own hearts and we’d like to be BFFs, please.

Losing You was released in the UK last October, and you can download the EP from iTunes.

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