How to make French Toast // Like Dustin Hoffman does in Kramer Vs Kramer

We watched the 1979 Dustin Hoffman film Kramer Vs Kramer the other day and have got a sudden urge for French Toast (or Eggy Bread, as we used to call it in my house):

As Hoffman says:

You want French toast? You got it.

8 x thick slices of white bread
6 x eggs
50g caster sugar
50g double cream
50g butter
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg

French Toast ingredients Kramer Vs Kramer -

Here’s the how-to:

  1. Avoiding Hoffman’s one-handed egg cracking technique (oo-er), break the eggs into the bowl and add the sugar, salt, cream and spices. Whisk the shit out of it all
  2. Place the pan on a high heat and add the butter
  3. Cut the bread into triangles and place into the batter
  4. Make sure all of the bread is fully covered in batter and drop into the frying pan
  5. Cook until the bread is golden brown, turn down the heat a bit and toss (GUFFAW!!!!) each piece over,cooking until golden brown then remove from the pan and keep warm
  6. Repeat this process until all the breads are egged < technical term, that
  7. EAT



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